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Pets are adorable!!!

Hello everyone!


Pets are adorable…but are guests  responsible and liable to make their stay and ours happy???


BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Maria, indeed they are, i am unsure but i think you are asking , are pet owners responsible for when their pets create damage or injure others when staying.


I would defintely say yes they are.

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Yes Barry,

Exactly…I am so happy that you have a positive experience with dogs…because some guests leave their dogs unattended and this might be a problem….


I used to be pet friendly but not anymore because some guests don’t like dogs or ar allergic to them….and no matter how hard you clean ….there’s always some hair around…

I personally have 2 adorable dogs but never let them get on my sofas or beds….many of my friends sleep with them…

A difficult decision!!!

Wish you a nice Sunday afternoon…


Jago Krusel 1 year ago

Yup unfortunately the decision needs to be made, if pets are on the premises (your own or those accompanying guests) the this should be made clear. If a guest fails to spot the photos and information, and expresses a concern about pets on a arrival we will mostly offer the opportunity to reject the property and offer to waive /refund any cancellation fees .

however for some professionals at “staying for free” , pets and imagined pet hairs become leverage to get for a post stay refund.

our rooms are sealed after cleaning and Pets are only allowed in the rooms if accompanying the guests or if the guest invites a resident cat in to say hello.

it takes experience and careful planning and communication to manage pet friendly accommodation. 
If guest dogs aren’t particularly good with cats for example, then cats have to removed from relevant common areas before guests enter and leave the property.

Some Sighthounds and other dogs will have a challenging prey drive. 

we’ve never had a problem, but we’ve had some interesting people with an oversized  staffy type dog. 
the dog was adorable but I’m not naive regarding the potential problems especially in the hands of inexperienced owners. I have a polymer bite breaker, and gauntlets that I sincerely hope are never needed.

Guests with pets aren’t the norm for us, but they are welcome, and in the UK at least you would be legally required to accept guide dogs and possibly other types of assistance dogs. 

For those who suffer from severe pet allergies or phobias this probably isn’t the best place to stay.

Regards “ pet hairs on bedding “ it’s an easy excuse for attempts to defraud accommodation providers. 

our policy is to ask guests to sign a confirmation at check in  after viewing the property , that the accommodation is clean and in a good state of repair.

if they reject the property at that stage , they are generally  offered a refund or fee waiver.









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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Jago and thanks for your detailed post…


I absolutely agree that  “it takes experience and careful planning and communication to manage pet friendly accommodation.”


Wish you well.