Problems creating a home ad

I'm trying to create an ad for my hosting and I'm having a lot of trouble:
1. Does it tell me it is Closed and cannot be booked? What do I need to do to get my ad active?
2. When I try to enter the bank details it tells me that they will send me an SMS with a code and even though I have tried it more than 10 times I have not received a single SMS.
3. I imported the airbnb information and even though I initially saw the transferred photos now I only see one (I entered the others manually).
4. It does not accept the NIF of the tourist license of the Balearic Government.
5. In personal data I try to enter the name that will be displayed publicly and I don’t take any for granted, even though I have given it more than 20 options.
6. I would like to state in the announcement that the minimum number of days that can be booked is 3 and that for bookings between 3 and 5 days you have to pay a supplement of 80 euros for cleaning. How can I do that?
7. I also want it to be clear that the ecotax has to be paid separately when you get home.

BrookAve 2 years ago

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