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Property verification

Help! How long can they keep you closed for?! Especially when they don’t call when they say they will! We’re loosing money their not paying us but expect us to honour bookings!!! Any advice please. 

Elizabete Nazare 1 year ago


We've been closed since October 5th, and still waiting! We've contacted them 6 times already, and the answer is the same: sorry for the inconvenience!

We don't know what to do...

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Nicola Roberts 1 year ago

So sorry to hear that. Can I ask where your based and also what score did you have? I know of another 2 at least in my group in france. It’s getting to the point that another company is being formed as a platform to compete as people are getting so fed up. There’s over 15,000 so far in the group. It’s so stressful though! My hubby is beside himself! But their still expecting us to honour the bookings we have!!!! As if! Have you any? How long have you been open for? Just trying to see if there’s a pattern?