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Restrictions according the types of Booking


I've just put my house on Booking and I don' t find the way to put minimum stays for some periods : for instance 1 week from mid-June to early September. ALL booking plataforms do this . 

Another points 
- I 've just received a booking for 1 day . I've asked why 1 day & who are they --> she told me that was for the 'San Juan ' !! Of course she says that there willnot have problems . But I can't run the risk and asked her to cancel the booking .  The question is = how can i cancel by myself as they don' t respect the rules ( "no fiestas " ;) 
-  And please tell me how no to authorize 1) Groups 2) "Young people" ( for instance less than 25 years old)
This was not in the process , despite the process was quite full and really good