why does Booking.com pay towards a room rate

I've noticed that on some B & B's Booking,com have offered a discount on the room rate eg £100 per night, Booking,com pays £5 therefore customer pays £95. Can't find out what promotion or deal this is, Any help would be appreciated.

BrookAve 2 years ago


If its not on your promo page, then you don't need to do anything as it would mean you still get paid by BdC for full price, I suspect. 


Contact Partner Support , See footer

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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi The Cables, 

Booking.com wants to ensure that customers trust Booking.com as the channel where they can get the most compelling prices. Therefore Booking.com is testing what we refer to as the “Booking Sponsored Benefit”. This benefit is covered by Booking.com and when available, is something that customers can choose to take advantage of before confirming their booking, depending on what best meets their needs.

Landhaus Osborne 1 year ago

This is because Booking.com is your competitor. Most hotels think it is only the other hotels in their area that they need to compete with, which is not true.

Booking.com like to be seen as partners, yet go out of their way to undercut our direct prices in order to stop us getting direct customers.

Still, as long as I get paid full amount, then it is Booking.com choice to earn less commission 

Casa Amaya 1 year ago

I dont like this! Booking com should respect our prices and not give the customer a better price. Even if I get paid the normal price, in my opinion they dont have the right to do this or they should at least give us - owners- the option to opt out! I would like a reaction from booking com team!

Podere Sant'Angelo 1 year ago

'Booking.com pays' - as far as I understand this isn't the case. Booking discounts the full price by the commission (and genius discount if applied). The owner then pays the normal commission on the undiscounted price - so booking aren't in fact 'paying' anything. For booking to 'pay' something the owner should pay commission on the discounted price - this does not happen.

There is no indication to the owner that a booking has been made with the 'booking.com pays' offer, the commissionable amount appears as normal. 

I believe this algorithm brings me more bookings, so I don't have a problem with it. However, the 'booking.com pays' bit irritates me because it is the owner who is paying, as we pay commission on the normal rate not the discounted rate.

Pinyada Phiroonrat 9 months ago

Was searching on this topic and found this tread.

Price Popup Explainer "You're getting a reduced rate because booking.com is paying part of this price"

It seems that this text shows up on certain properties (maybe mostly Villas and Apartments ?) when there is no affiliate AID attached to the property.

Did some tests and if i take an URL with AID="xxxx" from an affilaite marketeer (not bookings own AID's) you not see this text in the Price Popup Explainer.

When you remove the string AID string, the text shows up on many occasions.

Seems that Booking.com is trying to undercut the affiliate marketeer with this Dual Pricing.

Casa Amaya 9 months ago

And booking com still haven't replied themselves... they just don't show any respect to us, property owners. Can't wait for the day that we have so many people booking with us directly that we can delete our account on booking com. we will celebrate this day.  No doubt (last year was 47% booking, 45% direct bookings...getting there!!!)