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Your input helps shape the future of travel. With your support, we're pushing boundaries, breaking barriers and redefining the short-term rental industry. 

Join us on this exciting journey – let’s build the future and grow together.


day to day tasks

Day-to-day tasks made simple

Save time, cut down on admin and grow your business. Discover new tools and resources designed with your needs in mind.


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A platform built for your success

A platform built for your success

We’re exploring new ways of showcasing your properties on our website – so you can highlight your unique value and attract the right guests.


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Shaping the future of our industry

Shaping the future of our industry

We’re shaping the future of travel – and we’re doing it with you by our side. Together, we can pioneer ideas that drive our industry forward.


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Day-to-day tasks made simple

When it comes to property management, you’ve got things covered. But there are still a few things we can do to lighten the load. We want to help you cut down on daily tasks and admin. In fact, we have several teams dedicated to doing just that. Curious to know what they’ve been working on?

payment solutions

Worry less with our payment solutions

We want to make things easy for you wherever we can – and that includes facilitating your guests’ payments on your behalf. We’re continuing to expand our payment solutions so even more partners around the globe are able to adopt a more secure way of collecting payment.

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save time

Save time with Group Connect Opportunity Centre

This new tool offers relevant, actionable performance tips for your portfolio as a whole – helping you save time and easily spot opportunities that apply to all, or some, of your properties. You can access these opportunities on your Group Connect Opportunity Centre or via the Connectivity Opportunities API.

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Cut down on workload with our new Connectivity features

We’re always trying to improve your experience as a partner, so you can manage your listings faster and more efficiently. And now we've made it even easier for you to manage your business through your software provider, from key collection to damage deposit.

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Are you a software provider? See what’s new in your Connectivity Hub.


A platform built for your success

Every one of your properties is unique – and we want to showcase this uniqueness more. We want guests to know what’s special about booking with you, right off the bat. And to make that happen, we’re currently experimenting with a whole range of new features that help highlight professionally managed properties. 

Attract the right guests with a quality rating

Attract the right guests with a quality rating

To create the best experience for you and your guests, we’ve just introduced the first international quality rating for homes and apartments. It’s based on factors like your property’s location, size and facilities, and helps us promote your property to the right guests – those looking for exactly what you have to offer.

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host review score

Stand out more with our new review scores

We’re testing out two new scores for properties that don’t have enough reviews yet: host score and external review score. Host scores are based on the reviews from the rest of your portfolio on – reassuring guests that all your properties are professionally managed. External review scores are generated from guest reviews on other trusted sites – giving guests extra peace of mind.

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Shaping the future of our industry

Why wait to see what the future of the short-term rental industry will look like, when you can play a part in shaping it? With your input, we want to continue developing new features that simplify your day-to-day and power our mutual growth. 

Know your voice is heard through our Advisory Board

Our partnership with you is a two-way conversation. We want to understand your business needs inside and out, so we can tailor our products and services to them. That’s why we’ve created an Advisory Board, made up of eight property managers and Connectivity Providers who will rotate on an annual basis. By combining our technology with your experience, we can navigate our evolving industry together. 


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Gain a competitive edge with strategic partnerships

There are many products and services aimed at property managers – but how do you know which ones will make your life easier? To help narrow down the choice, we actively seek out new vendors that provide solutions to help partners like you.

Benefit from exclusive hardware and service offers

Benefit from exclusive hardware and service offers

To help you explore new ways of enhancing your guest’s experience – or save time managing your property – we’ve secured exclusive discounts with our preferred vendors. With products and services covering everything from noise pollution to revenue management, there’s a solution for every challenge you may face.

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booking suite

Cut down your workload with BookingSuite

As a division of, BookingSuite facilitates a seamless, secure connection between property managers and technology providers. This makes logging in and sharing data easier, helping both parties grow their business. 

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google nest and Google Nest

Research shows that travellers are more likely to choose a vacation rental if it has smart home products installed. is working together with Google Nest to better understand what products and services will enhance guests’ experience, help differentiate the vacation rental offering, and make it easier to manage property portfolios.   

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