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Travel Proud is our way of making travel more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community. Complete our Proud Hospitality training session to help you and your staff understand and connect with LGBTQ+ travellers. When you commit to building on what you learn to make your property more welcoming, you’ll become Proud Certified on our platform.

1 in 3 LGBTQ+ travellers fear judgement from hotel staff. Together we can change that.

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A world everyone can experience

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Research shows that a third of LGBTQ+ travellers fear judgement from hotel staff, meaning a huge part of the travel population still can’t comfortably show up as themselves. Because our mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, we’re setting out to change this.


That’s why we designed the Travel Proud programme, to help remove the barriers that LGBTQ+ travellers face. We want to showcase inclusive properties on a dedicated page for your city. You can show that your property is inclusive by becoming Proud Certified in just three steps:


Have at least one team member complete the Proud Hospitality training and be your property’s Proud Certified representative
Commit to putting into practice what you learn and identifying ways to help your team deliver an inclusive experience
Make the Travel Proud Customer toolkit available to all customer-facing team members at your property, to support them in answering questions from LGBTQ+ guests

Helping you deliver Proud Hospitality

The Proud Hospitality training session is your first step towards becoming Proud Certified. We’ve partnered with the inclusive hospitality experts at HospitableMe to bring you this training, which is delivered in English. It aims to help you understand and connect with LGBTQ+ travellers, and give you insights and practical approaches to inclusivity.


We’re making this session available to all our partners free of charge. After completing it, you’ll be empowered to engage with guests from all kinds of backgrounds and to identify ways to make it easier for every kind of person to experience the world as themselves.

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Showing travellers your property is inclusive


We want travellers to know that at your property they can show up as themselves. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to be recognised as Proud Certified.


For a partner to become Proud Certified, at least one team member needs to complete the Proud Hospitality training. They’ll act as your property’s Proud Certified representative and be available to offer guests support.


You’ll also keep the conversation about inclusive hospitality going after the training, and have an ongoing review process to increase team knowledge and identify ways to make your operations even more inclusive.


Finally, we’ll also give you access to resources like our Travel Proud Customer Toolkit. This includes helpful tips, guides and practices to help your property start removing the barriers that LGBTQ+ travellers face. You’ll make sure all your customer-facing team members actively use the toolkit to help them answer questions from LGBTQ+ guests. The toolkit also comes with printable and digital Proud Certified materials that you can use to promote your property.


Why do I need to take a training session to become Proud Certified?

Travel Proud certification is a way for us to tell travellers what they can expect if they stay at your property. The Proud Hospitality training session helps prepare you to offer your guests what being Proud Certified promises. The 75-minute online course covers the barriers that LGBTQ+ guests often face, and will help you to make your property more inclusive by seeing things from a different perspective. The course is offered in English and is hosted live by two experts, who you can interact with and ask questions.


What’s HospitableMe?

HospitableMe is a global strategy and education company specialised in inclusive hospitality. They are particularly focused on the travel industry, empowering businesses to engage with LGBTQ+ guests in authentic and personalised ways. We developed our Proud Hospitality training session in partnership with them, to help you understand the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ travellers.


Why is Travel Proud only available in three cities?

We’re piloting the Travel Proud programme in Amsterdam, Berlin and Manchester, but we plan to expand to more locations in the future. By launching in these three cities first, we can find out what works well and how we can develop the programme before we roll it out further.

How much does the training session cost?

Nothing at all. We’re serious about making it easier for everyone to experience the world. That’s why it’s important that we make travel more inclusive, and why we’re not charging our partners for the training session. Our only requirement is that you’re as serious as we are about putting what you learn into practice and identifying ways to remove barriers for LGBTQ+ travellers at your property.


What has done to make itself more inclusive?

Proud Hospitality and Proud Certified are just part of what we’re doing to become more inclusive. The Book Proud part of the Travel Proud programme also involves overhauling the language we use on – to make sure it’s inclusive not just for LGBTQ+ travellers, but for everyone.


Inclusiveness is in our own company’s DNA as well. We believe our teams do their best work when they’re able to comfortably be themselves. We’re proud to be number one in the Financial Times’ Diversity Leaders 2020 list of European employers. And for over five years, our B.Proud employee resource group has supported LGBTQ+ staff and allies, helping to foster an even more diverse, inclusive culture at

Making it easier for everyone to experience the world.

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