Rebuilding Together

We’re seeing early signs that people are starting to book travel again. To help you attract these guests, our teams have created your Recovery Toolkit. It’s full of advice and insights to support you and your property as we begin to emerge from this difficult period. We are continuing to update your Recovery Toolkit with new resources, highlighted in green below. Together we can turn the demand on our site into bookings for you.


Toolkit highlights

The importance of flexibility

Travellers want more flexibility right now. Update your policies to bring in more bookings.


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Optimise your pricing

Use our pricing foundations advice to set attractive rate types that drive guests to your property.


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Showcase your safety

Share your health and hygiene practices to make guests feel safer booking your property.


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Reigniting results

Make sure your property is set up to attract new demand – both today and tomorrow.  




Helping travellers find properties like yours

When a traveller searches for a specific city or region, we're highlighting relevant properties at the top of the Search Results page based on what we know is popular right now – such as nature, the countryside and the waterfront.


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More flexibility, more bookings

Flexibility is key in today’s uncertainty. Partners who have implemented the 'Flexible 1 day' policy have increased their visibility by 23%, leading to more bookings.


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Update your availability with our guide

Right now, bookings are mostly local and last-minute, or longer term and (often) farther afield. We’ve put together a guide to help you make the most of current demand.


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Your Opportunity Centre, optimised for today

We’ve refined Focus Finder to streamline the most useful and relevant product advice given the current circumstances. Now you can rely on accurate solutions to help you capture demand and support your business. 


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Supporting you and your business

Use these resources to stay ahead in these unprecedented times.


Show guests how you’re protecting them


Put guests’ minds at ease by displaying your health and hygiene measures on your property page. We’ve just added an option to report if your property offers self check-in, and we’re working on how best to showcase this to your potential guests.

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Need some health and safety advice? Our new Health and Safety guidelines provide advice to help minimise risk for both you and your guests.

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Establishing your pricing foundations


Our research shows that right now potential guests want flexibility and a great price. Our pricing foundations advice will help you set up rate types to drive more occupancy, today.

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Understand your booking patterns


Leverage the timely data in your Booker Insights report to make informed decisions for your business during this challenging period.

Discover your Booker Insights report

Here’s how:

Go to the Booker Insights report in the ‘Analytics’ section of the extranet.
Select data from the last 14 days, and set the comparison to be with your peer group.
Then, browse between the views of ‘Travel purpose’, ‘Country/region’ and ‘Device’.
You can compare how your booking patterns look alongside your peer group to identify opportunities to capture more demand – such as adding country or mobile rates.



Delivering value through marketing

Stay up to date with our ongoing efforts to stimulate and capture demand for your property.


Genius trial to encourage more bookings


From mid-July through to September, we’ll be running an optional campaign to help Genius partners reach a wider audience of potential guests. The Genius trial encourages signed-in travellers to book a Genius property by temporarily offering them Genius benefits for seven days.

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value genius

Encouraging guests to rebook with you


We’re encouraging guests who had to cancel a non-refundable or partially non-refundable stay to rebook, by offering them a credit towards a future stay - funded by us. And, we're not charging commission on any of these re-bookings.

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Increase your visibility through marketing


Opting in to the Travel Offer will make your property more visible on our site and help boost occupancy. And to market this offer for as long as possible, we’ve extended it from June through New Year.

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Strengthening our relationship

We remain focused on making sure that we listen to you, value you and always live up to the word partner.


Guest reviews’ expiration date extended


To make sure your property is not negatively impacted by the loss of reviews, we’re extending the shelf life of your current reviews from two years to three years. This is the latest step in improving our guest review system – stay tuned for more.

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Investments to boost performance

Our new Partner Performance Investment Programme gives partners like you the opportunity to opt in to financial investments that we offer to fund on your behalf. For example, we might offer to fund your participation in premium programs like Genius or Preferred. If our data identifies an investment opportunity that will drive growth for your property, you will receive an invitation to accept our funding offer by email.

Your questions, answered

We’ve been listening to the questions you’re asking most, and made it fast and easy to find answers via our new Frequently Asked Questions page.


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Listening to your feedback

We’ll continue to read every comment submitted to our online partner suggestion box, so we learn what we’re doing well and how we can do better.


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#Rebuilding with partners

In times like these, it’s especially helpful to get support from other partners. Share insights and advice on #Rebuilding with your Partner Community (available in English).


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