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Looking for guidance on making the right decisions for your property? Whether you want to grow your revenue, ease your workload or deliver great experiences, we’ve collected tested solutions to help you succeed as a partner. 


Products, promotions and performance tools from your extranet explained.


Property managers and Home owners

Reach more business travellers at no extra cost
Better search visibility
New audience, extra business
Extend your reach to business travellers
Rate plans header teaser 2
Appeal to more travellers with a number of Rate Plans
Build a strong price foundation
Drive more bookings
Offer all-important flexibility
Guest Insights teaser
Get to know your guests before they even arrive
Get free access to guest insights
Improve your review score
Grow your revenue
Secure payments from new guests, minus extra admin
Get guaranteed payments
Reduce cancellations
Reach new guests worldwide
messaging tools
Manage your communication with guests with ease
Send faster replies
Save valuable time and effort
Improve guest satisfaction
Connect with high-value bookers who spend more and cancel less
Year-round booking uplift
Reduce cancellations
Customise your offering
Attract reliable, high-spending business guests
Attract business guests
Year-round booking uplift
Turn on and off anytime
Attract the fastest growing segment of bookers on mobile
Increase mobile bookings
Stand out on mobile searches
Get more reviews
Bring in revenue when you need it most
Boost bookings during specific periods
Sell rooms last minute
Secure more revenue
Increase your bookings by targeting guests from specific regions
Attract international guests
Secure more revenue
Stand out in high-demand markets
Manage your property on the go
Respond to guests instantly
Take full control over your business
Get real-time property updates