Stand out from the competition


Standing out from your competition on our platform is an important aspect of channelling demand to your property. We offer a variety of proactive and reactive solutions to help you outperform your competitors, and achieve both long and short-term results.


Combine these solutions strategically to help you capture and expand your share of demand on our platform.

Reach long-term goals with proactive solutions

Maximise your visibility on our platform and extend your reach by implementing our proactive solutions. They help you increase your occupancy over time, leading to sustainable growth. We have two types of proactive solutions: premium and targeted.

Premium proactive solutions

  • Always-on strategic programmes that help you stand out and improve chances of being booked by targeting a wide range of travel audiences and search patterns
  • Guests are more likely to engage with these programmes and may do so more often
  • Examples of our powerful Premium programmes are Genius, Preferred and Preferred Plus

Boost your occupancy with Genius

Targeted proactive solutions

  • Offer deeper discounts to specific target groups, like mobile bookers
  • Travellers usually have a high intent to book for a specific time, like seasonal getaways, special events or holidays
  • An example of a targeted programme is Booking Network Sponsored Ads, a programme that offers premium placement in search results across our network of brands

Activate new pricing solutions

Drive short-term occupancy with reactive solutions


Aside from proactive solutions, we also offer reactive solutions to help you meet your short-term occupancy goals. These are deals that enable you to fill your rooms or units during specific dates and periods when demand may be lower than usual.

Reactive solutions

  • Offer distinct discounts to attract guests when you need an occupancy boost during specific periods or for certain rooms or units
  • Increase your ranking and visibility with our Visibility Booster, designed to attract bookers on certain dates, resell cancelled rooms and appeal to certain market segments during specific periods
  • Examples of reactive solutions are Secret Deals, Early Booker Deals, Last-Minute deals and Deep Deals

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Stand out from the competition

Combine solutions that work for you

Grow your revenue and perform well against your competitors by using a mix of proactive and reactive solutions. The right combination can help you optimise your occupancy throughout the year and deliver the results you’re looking for.

We recommend reviewing your portfolio from time to time to make sure the solutions you chose are still working for you.


Combine multiple offers

Track results regularly

Proactive solutions

Because they’re strategic year-round investments, you should aim to track results quarterly.

Reactive solutions

Since they’re designed to meet short-term goals, you should review results when the promotional period is over.

Designed to work with our other solutions

Make the most of proactive and reactive deals by applying them with our other solutions. For example, you could utilise guest feedback to improve your Guest Review Score. This can help you maximise your property’s performance through a set of well-defined actions.

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