Introducing your guide to a stronger summer season

We’re sharing data-backed insights about travellers searching and booking on our platform, and solutions to help you meet these travellers’ unique needs. Find out how you can leverage these insights to attract new demand.

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There’s so much to juggle when you’re running a business, whether it’s answering guests’ questions, processing payments or securing your property. We’ve heard your feedback, and we want to make your life that bit easier.

Get advice and discover solutions that can help ease your workload.

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Group Opportunity Centre

Save time managing your property portfolio

Get performance insights
Manage all properties at once
Reduce workload
header teaser ask for a replacement guest

Ask for a replacement guest

Fill cancelled rooms fast, minus the extra admin

Minimise the impact of cancellations
Reduce your workload
Secure more revenue
messaging tools

Messaging Tools

Manage your communication with guests with ease

Send faster replies
Save valuable time and effort
Improve guest satisfaction

Pulse App

Manage your property on the go

Respond to guests instantly
Take full control over your business
Get real-time property updates

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