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Promote your extra services to millions of potential guests

When guests search for a place to stay, they’re often looking for more than just a comfortable bed for the night. A lot of guests like to plan ahead when it comes to booking breakfast, airport transfers or even a relaxing massage. In fact, our data shows that 61% of guests prefer to book breakfast before they arrive. 

Now, you can promote and sell these services to millions of potential guests via Booking.com. That way, you can secure extra revenue before they arrive. Not only that, but easy advance booking of these services will help enhance your guests’ experience of your place – something which could help to improve your guest review score.

We’re constantly expanding the list of services you can offer through your Booking.com listing. You can get started today by promoting meals to any guests who have booked a stay without one.

At the moment, you can promote breakfast, lunch and dinner on your listing. More services will become available soon.

How does your business benefit from extra services?

Better guest experiences

We help you offer the right services to guests at the right time – for even better stays.

Additional revenue

Tap into new, alternative revenue sources by promoting extra services such as breakfast.

More guest appeal

84% of guests check a property’s services before booking. Make sure you catch their eye.


“From breakfast to spa sessions and everything in between, our partners have a wide range of services that they can offer to guests. Extra services help to deliver a complete experience, a lot more than just a room to sleep in.”


Caio Tozzini,

Group Product Manager for In-stay services at Booking.com

servicios adicionales

More services coming soon

Do you offer your guests an airport shuttle? How about little extras like early check-in, or even a welcome drink?

Soon, you’ll be able to promote these extras to your guests via your Booking.com listing – helping to lay the groundwork for a great stay right from the start. Keep an eye out for new services as we add them.



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How to get started

To get started, log in to your extranet, go to the ‘Property’ tab and select ‘Facilities & services’.​​​​​​

You can promote breakfast, lunch and dinner via your Booking.com listing, and your guests can add them to their reservation. 
We’ll promote your meals to all guests who booked your property but whose room rate didn’t include any meals.
Guests will be given the option to book meals at various points before they arrive.
We’ll be adding more services soon – so stay tuned!
At the moment, you can promote breakfast, lunch and dinner on your listing. More services will become available soon.