Connect with high-value bookers who spend more and cancel less

Looking for new ways to secure more bookings? Offering rewards and benefits is a great way to fill your rooms, especially during the quieter months. And to help you attract the right kind of bookers, we’ve developed an exclusive loyalty programme: Genius.

The Genius programme connects you with our most loyal bookers: Genius guests tend to book further in advance, book more international trips,  and spend more – both on in-stay services and in terms of average daily rates. Genius guests are also less likely to cancel or provide invalid credit card details.

*If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can sign up to Genius using the Opportunities tab on your Extranet.

Our internal data shows that Genius partners have seen a significant increase in bookings and revenue.

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How does your business benefit from Genius?

Proven uplift in bookings and revenue

On average, partners who join Genius increase their bookings by 18% and their revenue by 17% (even after factoring in the cost of the discount).


More exposure to high-value guests

When you join the Genius programme, your property will get a special Genius tag, a ranking boost and more visibility in the search results on

Full control over your pricing and availability

You can track your return on investment in real-time via the Genius analytics dashboard, and block out up to 30 days on which you don't have to offer a Genius discount.

How to become a Genius partner

It’s simple – when you join the Genius programme, the 10% Genius discount is automatically applied to your cheapest/best selling room.

10% discount on your cheapest/best selling room [Mandatory]
This is the only discount required for you to join the Genius programme. It gives you a ranking boost and better visibility on our site.

Want to further customise your offering? You can offer additional incentives to a select group of Genius guests who have made 5 bookings or more:

15% discount [Optional]
This extra 5% discount on top of the basic 10% discount helps you target frequent bookers: Genius guests who have made 5 bookings or more.

Free breakfast [Optional]
This offer helps you stand out from other properties. Plus, our research shows that guests perceive the value of breakfast to be higher than the actual cost.

Free room upgrade [Optional]
Upgrading a Genius booker to a superior room category is a great way to sell more rooms and increase revenue

Target specific travellers [Optional]
Reaching the right guest has never been easier: this rate lets you offer an extra 5% discount to guests from specific countries or travelling for business.

In addition to these benefits, also offers extras like a 10% discount on our airport and pre-book taxi services – making Genius properties even more appealing to guests.

*If this link takes you to your extranet homepage, you might not be eligible for Genius.

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