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We’re sharing data-backed insights about travellers searching and booking on our platform, and solutions to help you meet these travellers’ unique needs. Find out how you can leverage these insights to attract new demand.

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Genius business

Attract reliable, high-spending business guests

Business travellers are extremely valuable for your property. They're less likely to cancel, more likely to book again – and they travel during off-peak periods. Appealing to business travellers is a great way to fill your property all year round.

Genius business is the perfect way to attract this profitable segment of travellers. Genius business goes hand-in-hand with the Genius programme and offers business travellers a further 5% discount on top of their existing 10% Genius discount.

You need to be a member of the Genius programme to offer a Genius business discount.

1 out of 5 bookers on are business travellers*
Business travellers are 50% less likely to cancel*
Business travellers are 60% more likely to book with you again*
*Source: You need to be a member of the Genius programme to be eligible for Genius business and access this page.

A more diverse guest base can bring more bookings all-year round

Leisure travellers can provide an extra boost during high season

Business travellers can offer steady income (book off-peak, less likely to cancel)


How does your business benefit from Genius business? 

Stand out to guests when you need them most

Business travellers travel during slow periods and weekdays

Attract reliable travellers

Data shows guests who travel for business are less likely to cancel and more likely to return to your property in the future

Secure more revenue

Business travellers are proven to spend more at your onsite facilities

The figures speak for themselves


“Our research has shown that partners offering business discounts have seen an average of an 11% increase in total bookings."


Dustin Robinson

Product Marketing Manager for Business Travel at

How Genius business works

  • Offer an extra 5% discount on top of the standard 10% Genius discount (15% total discount).
  • Select which rooms in your property you want to apply the Genius business discount to.
  • Enjoy the benefits of these frequent travellers at your property.
  • It can be deactivated at any time – use it whenever it will help your business most.

Activate Genius business now


*You need to be a member of the Genius programme to be eligible for Genius business and access this page.

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