Group Opportunity Centre

Assess and optimise your portfolio performance with ease

We understand that managing a large portfolio is a big task. It takes time to analyse individual properties’ data and find ways to improve their ranking, conversion or cancellation performance. And the more your portfolio grows, the harder it gets.

With the Group Opportunity Centre*, you can now access data on portfolio level – making it easier to track and improve your overall performance. You can check how your portfolio is performing compared to similar properties, spot areas for improvement and get specific advice on next steps. 

You’ll quickly see which opportunities can have the biggest impact on your performance, and how many of your properties can benefit.

*Currently available to group-extranet account holders with max. 1,000 properties.
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How guest behaviour informs your portfolio’s opportunities


From searches and page views to actually making reservations, there are eight steps in a guest’s booking journey – each one a potential drop-off point.


The Group Opportunity Centre identifies where your performance can improve at each point in that process, and shows the specific opportunities that can help you get there. 


It prioritises the steps you need to take, with your biggest area for improvement listed on top. That way, you can save time and get tailored advice that helps you make the biggest impact on your business.


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How does your business benefit from the Group Opportunity Centre?

Optimise portfolio performance with key insights

Each suggestion outlines the potential business benefit and shows the number of eligible properties in your portfolio.

Implement opportunities with ease

You can implement opportunities for individual properties of your choice, and in some cases for all your properties at once – with more bulk editing options to come.

Reduce your workload

 You can save time on admin, and focus on growing your portfolio instead.

How the Group Opportunity Centre works

You can access the Group Opportunity Centre in your group extranet at any time. 

You’ll see which areas you’re performing well in compared to your competitive set (green) and which ones need improvement (red).
The opportunities displayed are ranked according to the number of eligible properties (highest first).
When you view eligible properties for a given opportunity, they’re ranked according to their performance (underperforming first).
Some opportunities are not yet available for bulk editing – but we’re working on it! For now, you can implement these opportunities for individual properties.

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