Guest Insights

Get to know your guests better in advance so you can tailor a stay just for them.

Do your guests like to try local dishes when they travel? What did they like most about their previous trips? Any dietary requirements you should know about? Finding out details like this ahead of time can help you cater to your guests’ needs and create an unforgettable stay.

Now it’s easy to get to know your guests before they even check in. Opting in to Guest Insights lets you find out a little more about your upcoming guests’ preferences. You can then use these insights to deliver even better guest experiences. This should have a ripple effect on your business – think even better guest reviews and repeat guests.

The best part? You can use this extra service totally free of charge. It’s exclusively for partners with consistently high review and reply scores – those who go the extra mile to provide memorable experiences for their guests.

Guest Insights highlight v3

51% of guests said sharing their travel preferences improved their stay experience*


Guest Insights
*, Guest Insights Report, Q3 2019

What can you find out using Guest Insights?

You can use this feature to ask your guests about these five things:

Guest Insight benefit 1


Find out if your guests travel to relax, try local food, go shopping or visit attractions. Based on this info you can suggest tours and activities they might like.

guest insights benefit 2

Age group

Knowing which age groups your guests are in helps you allocate rooms – for example to families – and offer services like babysitting.

Guest Insights benefit 3


If guests are sensitive to specific foods, you can remove these from their rooms and plan any meals accordingly.

GI benefit 4

Dietary restrictions

Vegetarian? Vegan? Halal? Find out what your guests can and can’t eat, so you can adapt menus and offer restaurant recommendations.

Guest Insights benefit 5

Past reviews

Take a look at your guests’ three most recent reviews to find out more about their travel preferences and how to make them happy.

How does your business benefit from Guest Insights?

Happy, loyal guests

Our research tells us that personalising a guest’s stay is a great way to encourage them to stay with you again and again.

Higher review scores

On average, partners using Guest Insights receive higher guest review scores.

Extra revenue

Knowing what your guests are interested in can help you offer them additional services. That also provides a boost to your income, which can be especially useful during quieter periods.

How Guest Insights works


Once you opt in, your guests will see a questionnaire about their preferences. This appears on the confirmation page after they’ve finished booking their stay with you.
We’ll instantly provide you with any information they share via email, extranet and the Pulse app.
If you work with a Connectivity Partner, soon you’ll also see this information alongside the reservation details in your channel manager and property management systems.
You can collect insights on the five topics above. You can also choose to opt out of any of these categories – and of course, you’re free to change your preferences at any time.

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