Long-Stay Rate Plans

Ride the rising trend of longer stays with weekly and monthly rates

Our data shows that since the beginning of 2020, the average length of stay has been trending up. To help you take advantage of this significant rebuilding trend and get in front of bookers who are increasingly searching for long-term accommodations, we’ve created weekly and monthly rates. These two new rate plans create an opportunity for you to be more visible to the increasing number of people who are regularly searching for stays longer than 7 days.


Meeting the opportunity


“The rise in long-stay demand offers partners an opportunity to reach and capture new markets - such as domestic vacationers, families, remote workers and expatriates, to name a few - while boosting occupancy and increasing revenue.” - Click. Magazine


Gianbattista Vespucci, 

Commercial Director Partner Services, Booking.com



The value of long-stay rates to your business

Fill your calendar

Long-stay guests can help fill your occupancy, particularly in the low season or to meet the growing trend of bookers searching for work-friendly accomodations.

Stable source of revenue

A stable and predictable cash flow can feel more secure in uncertain times.

Less work for you

Less frequent cleaning and property management means less operational costs and workload.

How to reach long-stay bookers

  • Are your rates designed to encourage bookers to stay longer? We offer rate recommendations based on industry and platform data, which you can adjust to offer smaller or larger discounts. 
  • Our research shows long-stay guests pay close attention to facilities and amenities so be sure you’re highlighting them. 
  • Self-service and privacy are also important, so consider providing plenty of local tips and set expectations around communication - so they only have to reach you when they need to. 
  • You’ll find dedicated options for Weekly and Monthly rate plans under the ‘Rates & Availability’ or ‘Calendar & Pricing’ tab in your extranet. 

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