Capture traveller demand based on your business needs

Promotions are an effective way for your business to gain a competitive edge. When built into your pricing strategy, they give you the flexibility to offer discounts according to your business needs.

Whether you’re proactively planning to capture seasonal demand or searching for reactive tactics to boost your short-term bookings, you’ll find a range of promotions on our platform that align with your overall pricing strategy. They’re easy to set up, they can be activated or deactivated at any time and they’re a great way of bringing in more revenue.


Our data reveals that 62% of global travellers will be more price-conscious when booking  trips, and 55% of them are more likely to search for properties that offer promotions. Finding and running the right promotion puts you in the best position to capture this demand.

Choosing the right promotion for you

We have different types of promotions available for you to set up depending on what you’re looking to achieve.



Target key travel seasons with ready-made Campaign deals


Campaign deals are annual promotions that run over predefined periods, giving you consistent calendar moments to capitalise on travel demands. We heavily promote Campaign deals across multiple customer channels such as email and throughout our platform.


The Early 2022 Deal is an example of this promotion. Spanning the first three months of next year, this deal helps you secure early-season revenue by encouraging guests to start their travels in the new year for less.


Increase bookings with highly customisable Portfolio deals 



Portfolio deals are our most flexible promotions, which you can reactively set up based on your business needs. The booking and stay period, among other details, can be customised to your requirements and to meet market trends. We recommend running Portfolio deals between three and five months, but the choice is entirely yours.

Have a look at our available Portfolio deals:

  • Early Booker Deal – encourages bookings from travellers planning their trip far in advance
  • Last-Minute Deal – attracts last-minute bookers
  • Secret Deal – rewards newsletter subscribers and guests with a account by showing a badge and discount on your property page visible only to them
  • Basic Deal – customise your offer from scratch



Capture demand spikes with Deep deals


Deep deals are short-term reactive promotions offering guests high discounts, thus encouraging spikes of demand. We promote these with search result badges and provide marketing support to help you maximise exposure. Deep deals are never stackable with other pricing offers such as Genius discounts.


These are our deep deals:

  • Black Friday Deal – capitalises on a key moment when travellers seek out discounts on our platform. We designed Black Friday Deal to make your property stand out to potential bookers by showing a badge on your property page and providing you with marketing support. 
  • Limited-time Deal – valid for 48 hours on the days you want a search ranking boost.
  • Flash Deals – a promotion that’s available every two weeks and gives you high visibility on our marketing channels for 36 hours.

Tap into distinct traveller segments with Targeted rates


Targeted rates let you tap into select market segments, such as mobile bookers or travellers from a specific country.


Our research uncovered that partners who offered targeted rates received an average of up to 28% more bookings from their target audience. We currently offer three types of targeted rates: Mobile Rates, Country Rates and US State Rates.

Easy to join, adopt and measure

  • Click ‘Promotions’ in the extranet to see which campaigns and deals are currently available for you
  • Join an existing campaign, or adopt a deal, where you can customise details such as validity, policy and room or unit type

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