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We’re sharing data-backed insights about travellers searching and booking on our platform, and solutions to help you meet these travellers’ unique needs. Find out how you can leverage these insights to attract new demand.

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Boost bookings with Campaigns, Deals and Targeted Rates


Whether you’re trying to sell rooms at the last minute, boost revenue during a quiet period or target valuable bookers in high-growth markets, you’ll find a wide range of promotions designed to attract guests on They are easy to set up, can be activated or deactivated whenever you want, and are a great way of filling rooms and bringing in more revenue. You’ll find three types of offers in the ‘Promotions’ tab of the extranet - Campaigns, Deals and Targeted Rates.  

Join a campaign with built-in marketing support


Campaigns are ready-made promotions created and optimised by that occur throughout the year. They’re designed to maximise bookings in specific seasons or around special events and holidays.


When you join a campaign like the Getaway deal, you’ll be included in global email campaigns and actively promoted on marketing channels with special badges that call out your offer. Adopt these ready-made campaigns as-is or adjust the details to fit your needs.

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Adopt deals to boost your occupancy


Deals are highly customisable and can be set up in line with your business needs. They can be used to capture specific market opportunities.


Offer a Last Minute Deal to attract last-minute bookers, an Early Booker Deal to attract advance bookers or a Free Nights Deal to encourage longer stays. Want to reach and reward the most active segment of the 75+ Million account holders and newsletter subscribers? Offer a Secret Deal and we’ll tag your property with an eye-catching badge that’s visible only to them. Have an idea for your own special offer? Create a Basic Deal from scratch and build it to fit. 


Need to give a quick boost to your occupancy? A Limited Time Deal offers maximum exposure with a significant ranking boost in exchange for a larger discount of 40% or more for a short time. This discount won’t stack or combine with other discounts you set on our site. 

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Target mobile bookers and high-growth markets


Tap into the growing number of mobile bookers and travellers from other markets who are searching for the perfect getaway in your location. Partners who offer Targeted Rates get up to 28% more bookings on average from their target audience.


We currently offer two types of targeted rates for partners: Mobile Rates and Country Rates.

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Easy to join, adopt and measure

  • Navigate to the ‘Promotions’ tab of the extranet and see which campaigns and deals are currently available to you. 
  • Join an existing campaign or adopt a deal, customising details like validity, policy and room type. 
  • Track your results! We’ll keep track of how much revenue you gain for each separate promotion type.

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