Risk-Free Reservations

Let us offer free cancellation options for you to attract more guests

Travellers get substantial value from the peace of mind that comes bundled with free cancellations. In fact, many vacation planners will only search for rooms that display free cancellation periods. 

How can you add the value guests get from free cancellation options to your rooms and make them more marketable to travellers without having to worry about cancellations? The answer is Risk-Free Reservations. 

With Risk-Free Reservations, we add flexibility to some of your existing cancellation policies so you’ll appear alongside other properties that offer free cancellations. We do this by targeting guests who are unlikely to cancel. If a guest books and then cancels, we’ll look for a new guest.

Benefits of Risk-Free Reservations

Performance-marketing boost

Increase conversions without paying any extra commission. Enrolled partners typically see up to 3% more conversions from looker to booker.

Sell more room nights

Join the 720,000 partners who participate in this programme and sell almost 30% more room nights.

Automatic replenishment

We do the work of finding replacement guests for your rooms that are open and bookable without restrictions.

How it works

• If you’re enrolled in the programme, we upgrade some of your policies to offer free cancellation or extend the period of free cancellation policies (if you already offer them)

• We offer these free cancellation options to guests who are less likely to cancel

• If a guest cancels, we start searching for a replacement immediately – as long as the room is open bookable without restrictions

• If we can’t find a replacement, we’ll compensate you for these nights

• You can turn Risk-Free Reservations on or off as needed from the extranet

As a partner of Booking.com, you’re enrolled in the Risk-Free Reservations programme automatically, unless your property is in mainland France, French Guiana, Mayotte, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Pierre and Miquelon or Réunion.

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