Risk-Free Reservations

Fill your property faster and get paid even if guests cancel

Our data shows that properties with flexible cancellation policies have a higher conversion rate – the percentage of page views that result in a booking.

This flexibility can bring more cancellations overall, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose income. Most guests with a free cancellation option don’t actually use it – they just like the peace of mind. And if you do get cancellations, there’s an easy way of minimising their impact.

With Risk-Free Reservations*, we add more flexibility to your existing cancellation policies as a way of appealing to more guests. But we also guarantee you a risk-free experience – if a guest cancels one of these reservations, we’ll either find you a new guest or pay you the commissionable amount for any room night(s) we can’t replace.

*Due to legal or commercial restrictions and certain eligibility criteria, Risk-Free Reservations is not available in all countries and/or to all partners. Signing up to Payments by Booking.com is also a requirement.

Free cancellation is one of the top selling points for Booking.com guests
On average, offering flexible policies can boost your conversion by 3%

How does your business benefit from Risk-Free Reservations?

Attract guests who want flexibility

You’ll attract more guests who need the peace of mind that free cancellation brings – the vast majority of whom honour their booking.

Fill your property faster

If you get cancellations, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re not left with empty rooms.

Regain lost revenue

A Risk-Free Reservation is a risk-free experience for you. No matter what happens, you’ll get paid.

How Risk-Free Reservations works

To attract bookers who want extra flexibility, we’ll display your strictest policy as having free cancellation, or extend the period of your free cancellation policy (if you have one).
If a guest who’s booked under these upgraded policies later cancels, we’ll try to find you a new guest.
If we can’t find a new guest for any particular room night(s), we'll cover the commissionable amount ourselves – it’s risk-free for you because you’ll get paid either way.
To get paid for Risk-Free Reservations, you need to sign up to Payments by Booking.com.