Room Upsell

Extra revenue for you and an upgrade for guests


After a guest books a room, they start to anticipate what they’ll experience when they arrive. The time between when they book and when they show up at your property is a great opportunity to capture more revenue, which is why we offer paid upgrades to guests at just the right time. Take advantage of these opportunities by making sure you have available rooms to upsell. 

When guests receive an offer, our side-by-side comparison page shows guests all the amenities they’ll get from a higher priced room so they can clearly weigh the benefits of upgrading. When the guest accepts the upsell offer, we update the booking and release the original room so it can be booked again by new guests. There’s no risk of overbooking and no extra effort needed on your part - just extra revenue and happier customers.


The upsides of room upsells

More revenue - and better ADR

Maximising your occupancy across room types while keeping your most in-demand rooms available can help improve your Average Daily Rate (ADR).

Minimal effort

No need to set up a special offer. We’ve integrated upselling into the pre-trip experience.

Efficient and risk-free

It all happens behind the scenes, using real-time pricing and availability, with no risk of overbooking.

How it works

  • You can be part of the programme by simply making sure you have rooms to upsell. When you have rooms available, we present guests with one or more room upsell offers. 
  • When a guest accepts an offer, we’ll send you a booking modification. You’ll see it noted as a ‘Paid upgrade’ in your reservation list. 
  • The lower-priced room is automatically released, ready to be sold again.
  • The service is included in the value of the commission, with no additional costs.

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Making your upsell offers irresistible

Guests will closely compare their existing booking with features offered in your higher-priced room. Here are some ways to convince them during their moment of decision: 

  • Special amenities become extra special: If you offer notable views, a hot tub or a balcony, include images of special amenities and choose descriptive tags that indicate the extra value these rooms offer. Move these photos to the front of your photo carousel.
  • Do room names reflect room value? If you place the room descriptions next to each other, do the words you use to describe higher-priced rooms indicate a higher tier of quality or a higher level of service? 
  • Build up from a base of amenities: Your upgrade tier should include everything in the lower tier. If upgrading means they’ll miss out on something they’ve already purchased, they may simply reject the offer. 
  • Images matter even more for upgrades: We recommend you include at least 4 photos of each room type and at least 1 of the bathroom.

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