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US State Rates

Target domestic demand in any of the 50 states


Targeted rates are designed to help you reach specific customers and markets based on your occupancy goals. US domestic bookings showed strong growth in the first quarter of 2021, as well as continued positive trends in the second quarter. So we’ve created US State Rates to help partners in the US take advantage of this demand and target travellers across any or all of the 50 states.

Whether you’re looking to attract local guests, reach drive-in travellers from neighbouring states or target longer stays from fly-in vacationers, you can now tailor the discounts you offer at a more focused and granular level. 

Add US State Rates

US state rates highlight

Fine-tune your national marketing plan


Create as many rates as you want for as many states as you need


Rates are always turned on to ensure maximum bookings, but you can block up to 30 days per calendar year per active state

Stay competitive

Use it tactically to seize opportunities around important travel dates and occasions on the US calendar

How it works

  • A recommended 10% discount (minimum 5%) is applied to all of your rooms and rates

  • The discounted price appears as the normal price (without strikethrough) exclusively to travellers located in eligible states

  • Like other targeted rates, this discount stacks with Genius

  • You can track your performance in the Promotions tab in the extranet – adding, editing or removing US State Rates to market to different occasions on the calendar

Add US State Rates 


The sample report
Sample report

How to choose your states and strategies



“To help you identify which states are most relevant, we’ve created three general principles for you to follow that are based on COVID-19 recovery travel patterns and search data in the US.” –  Click. Magazine 



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us state rates

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