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Looking for guidance on making the right decisions for your property? Whether you want to grow your revenue, ease your workload or deliver great experiences, we’ve collected tested solutions to help you succeed as a partner. 


Products, promotions and performance tools from your extranet explained.


Long-Stay Rate Plans

Offer weekly and monthly rates

Fill your calendar in advance
A stable source of revenue
Lighten your workload

Preferred Partner Programme

Stand out as a top option for customers

Exclusively for high-performing partners
Better visibility and increased revenue ‘thumbs up’ icon on listings

Work-Friendly Programme

Reach more business travellers at no extra cost

Better search visibility
New audience, extra business
Extend your reach to business travellers
Guest Insights teaser

Guest Insights

Get to know your guests before they even arrive

Get free access to guest insights
Improve your review score
Grow your revenue
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Group Opportunity Centre

Save time managing your property portfolio

Get performance insights
Manage all properties at once
Reduce workload
header teaser ask for a replacement guest

Ask for a replacement guest

Fill cancelled rooms fast, minus the extra admin

Minimise the impact of cancellations
Reduce your workload
Secure more revenue
risk free

Smart Flex Reservations

Let us offer free cancellation options for you

Attract guests who want flexibility
Effortlessly replace cancellations
Secure more revenue