Learn about sustainable practices and download the Sustainability Handbook to prepare your business for a growing trend that will only grow in importance over time. We’re committed to making sustainable travel easier for everyone. Join us in that commitment.

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Travellers may be returning, but they’re coming back with new and different priorities. Meeting the demand for greater safety and hygiene measures while also operating more sustainably will require creative thinking. Read the guide to learn how you can strike this balance.
As a partner, you’re probably already aligned with our Animal Welfare Standards. In this section we explore the topic of animal welfare in greater detail, covering not just the dos and don’ts but also the why – why the welfare of animals matters, and why it’s a crucial consideration for the long-term viability of our industry.
At, we’re committed to making more sustainable travel choices easier for everyone. And we can't do that without our partners. This sustainability guide is the first step on our collaborative journey to change the travel industry.