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Lottie Gross

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Lottie Gross is a freelance travel writer and journalist. Her work has appeared in publications such as RoughGuides.com, Mashable.com, National Geographic Traveller UK, Weather2Travel.com, Skyscanner.net and in The Guardian & The Observer
Train tracks

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Features Travel industry trends

Before flying, travelling by train was one of the main modes of transport for tourists and business travellers alike. Now, with climate concerns on many travellers’ minds and the rise of slow travel, there’s a resurgence in adventure on the rails.
Tiny houses

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Features Hotel industry trends

Tiny houses in tourism aren’t yet big business, but there’s enormous potential for entrepreneurs and existing accommodation providers. We investigate what these compact properties have to offer hoteliers
Hotel sign

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The hybrid of full-service and limited-service hotels has finally found its place in the market. Select-service hotels are here to stay, with hoteliers like Marriott opening new properties in the sector in recent years, and entire chains basing the brand on the concept. Click. takes a look at the select-service market and where it’s going