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adding details after a booking is made


I am new to Booking.com and I just had my first booking.

However, I did not get the chance to include the cleaning fee and the damage fee in my listing as I was  new to the platform. I now realise that I may have put myself at risk from unscrupulous persons by not including these items, so I will like the expected guest to pay these fees. 

I now updated the listing with these additions.  Can you advise me about what I should do about the current booking.   Is it appropriate to inform the guest that cleaning fee and damage fee MUST be paid before they arrive or on arrival?

I await your response 


Cedra M Jarvis

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Fluff (new account) 1 month ago

Not really.

You have a "contract" with your guest with the conditions on offer at the time. How would you feel in their position, having extra charges for something that the listing said was fully paid for?

Your only honest recourse is to contact the customer and explain the mishap, then ask if they would be so kind as to make up the short-fall or 50% of it. If they decline, live with it, we all learn by our mistakes. If they agree then wunderbar!

ymanholdings.g… 19 days ago


I saw you were on eviivo website.  I am the General Manager for eviivo in North America and I am also a short term rental host that leverages booking.com as one of my online travel agencies (OTAs).

Your experience above is not all that uncommon.  In fact, at eviivo we provide to you access to a 65-page OTA guidelines manual that provides all of the nuance to setting up and leveraging the valuable, yet sometimes complicated, service that the OTAs provide for helping you to keep your property both visible and booked!

We also provide a dedicated onboarding specialist who will help you to setup and train you on the usage of our property management software.  I use it myself and can show you my own cabin listing while demonstrating how the software helps me with managing many facets of short term property rentals.

I tried reaching you by phone from when you were on our website.  You can reach me back via the phone number I submitted in my email to you.

Ball is in your court.

In any case, good luck with your property in 2022!