Hello guys,

In the last two weeks I haven’t seen any posts in the Community although I receive notifications in my inbox…

Also every time I have to sign in…over and over again..

Has anybody else having same problem???

Thanks and wish everyone a happy day.




yes every time you click a link outside of the browser its considered a new session and that why it will ask for security reasons.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Barry,

Something weird is happening in the Partner Community…in the font page it says that this post has a comment 2 min ago???


Also my next post “Delay In payment “ although it has been posted….I don’t see it under the Unanswered or Recent category!!!


Have you noticed anything different from your part???

It’s also very sad that many partners have payment problems…my transfer has been delayed over 2 months…very disappointed!!!


Wish you a nice evening….


Fluff (new account)

Hi Maria,

I think your "Delay in payment" thread has simply be pushed back and off the front page list because of the usual, numerous and repetitive questions that get posted over and over and at a pretty rapid rate.

Other than that the system can be a tad slow to update. especially the "Recent" section that, as far I can see, does its own thing entirely.

If I remember correctly your more of a Pulse user than Extranet, how are you finding that? For me Pulse is virtually unusable, very disfunctional and full of bugszzzzzzzzz.

M Adamopoulou

Hi fluff!

Nice to hear from you..and thanks for your helpful suggestions…

My post of “bugs” has been answered since 25 days and still pops in recent….2 min. ago!!!

It’s easier for me to use pulse…

I don’t use my laptop very often so I have to open it every time…whereas my phone is more handy…

How is business for you these difficult times???


Wish you a beautiful day!!!

Fluff (new account)

Your wish certainly worked, we do indeed have a beautiful day here.

All considered Biz is not so bad, though many restrictions still in place and few tourists.

I take it Greece is fairing better with more relaxed C19 policies?


If I had to rely on Pulse I would cancel my BDC listing! Enjoy the rest of your day, late afternoon here...maybe time for a dog-walk on the beach :-)

M Adamopoulou

Great news!!!

Yes biz is better in Greece…people are very frustrated and depressed and want to have holidays…

fluff, please share some photos of your beautiful accommodation…we need some colour in this dull Community!!!

Have a nice walk with your dogs!!!

Fluff (new account)

Oh that reminds me of so many holidays in Greece!

Mainly Corfu, lots of lovely beaches and food. Greek stifado is still my favourite take on a casserole, there is a hotel on Glyfada beach that always served a good example of it from a stand on their beachside terraces . A lot of good memories there.

I must be an islander at heart, there are many similarities between Corfu and Phuket, to my way of thinking at least but my wife agrees. I'll have to dig out some old photos.

Strangely, Corfu has a similar map profile to Thailand, makes me pause for thought...

M Adamopoulou

I am so happy that you have so beautiful memories or Greece…and especially of Corfu…

I have visited your amazing country but unfortunately didn’t have the chance to visit Phuket…one of the best destination in the world with natural beauties…

Phuket is certainly my next destination!!!