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Dears, I have the same property listed twice on BDC. each have there own identity, 1 bedroom option and 2 bedroom option. However my login is the same for both, e.g. user ID / password. When I try to synchronise the calendars I am getting an error message saying I am all ready login in thus I cannot connect to the other property. I have written many messages to BDC but I am getting nowhere. Currently I am manging the calendars manually but this is risky, can anyone help?


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BrookAve 4 months ago


./facepalm.... really? 

you will gt nowhere as you cannot do this, literally that simple.


Only list it once in full occupancy , there is no magical eat my cake and keep it too scenario.


  • phone partner support



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Robin Griggs 4 months ago

Ok thanks but this does not help.

I have the same setup on Airbnb and CAN synchronise both calendars.


So what options are available to me?

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BrookAve 4 months ago



  • Stop comparing , I clearly told you it not possible nor should you even try to. You cant authenticate with the same account twice 
  • You are approaching it wrong , do NOT list the same property twice on the same OTA.
  • These two listings over lap due to the one with 2 room overlaps the one with only one, the same one room right? which means you will only ever be able to manage them manually.  
  • If this is same property , i.e. a house with 2 bed rooms and you just want option to rent them simultaneously to 2 different guest bookings, then you dont need 2 listings.
    • Simply have one listing for the shared property.
    • define two Room Types - doesnt mater which label they have.
      • e.g.
        • room 1 : 'Standard Double room' : internal name R101
        • room 2 : 'Delux double room'  internal name : R102
      • ignore the delux, part its still a double room.
      • you add photos for each one and make sure to tag them to the corresponding Room Type.
      • the inventory count for each room type will be 1

  • If you are going to use the Weekly and or monthly rate plan templates, then do not also have a rate plan for 7 or less nights too, as it has happened that the guest is offered the lower rate plan when they should be on weekly or monthly rate plan.
  • If you are then going to list on more than 1 OTA, get a Channel Manager 3rd party service, to prevent overbookings. 99.98% guarantee, except when BdC glitch and allow a booking,It does happen and has.
  • Those who dont and try to link BdC and AirBB calendars always end up with double bookings.
  • Unless you are awake 24/7 and see a new booking, to then manually block the other OTA, it will happen.



Robin Griggs 4 months ago

So firstly, the calendars synchronised with ABnB work 100% of the time for the last 4 years. (between both Arbnb listing and BDC listings)

For the properties.

Listed under a sperate identity albeit the same log in account - 2 bed 2 bath self contained apartment

Listed under a sperate identity albeit the same log in account - 1 bed 1 bath self contained apartment

If you search on BDC for properties available for 4 adults, the 2 bed will show up. max capacity 4

If you search on BDC for properties for 2 adults, the 1 bed will show up. Max capacity 2.

If we get a booking for 2 adults (cheaper rate, we lock the east wing of the house closing a bedroom and bathroom

If we get a booking for 4 adults (higher rate), we open the whole property.

Whilst you say do not compare with Arbnb, it is the same set up with the same login account, so I am confused as to why it will not work.

Incidentally, when BDC invite you to add another listing (under the same login account) the same problem occurs.

I hope this clarisifes 


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Isle of Wight … 4 months ago

If you get a booking for 2 adults and close half the property, you are losing money.

Have one listing for up to 4 adults. Never close half the property. Everyone pays the higher rate. No nonsense, no fuss, no hassle.

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Isle of Wight … 4 months ago

We have a lot of properties and they're all a fixed price per night regardless of whether it's 1 or 6 people in them. We get a lot of couples staying in 3 bedroom properties.

If you take away the "pay less" option you might get more groups of 4 and you might get couples (or work colleagues) booking anyway.