Free wifi in filtered search

I offer free wifi and it's checked properly, and it shows in property preview (free wifi, available in all areas). But when I search for free wifi in filter, my apartment doesn't show up. Anyone knows what's wrong?

I tried unchecking it and then checking it back again, without success. And this isn't some new amenity I've added, I've had it from the beginning. It seems to just have broken recently.

Fluff (new account)

The best you can do is report it directly to BDC via the messaging system in Extranet. There are many bugs in the system.

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Hello Dino,

Just thinking off the top of my head how to help:

1) Could it be that you've selected more than 1 Filter (in which, you don't offer that in the other filter?)

2) Have you tried going Incognito mode on your internet browser? And it still doesn't show?

3) Possibly trying different selection under the Internet box "Connection Location", save it, and check on front end? 

It could be a technical bug, but worth trying the above options before calling Booking.com.

Hope that helps!