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I hope someone can help me..

I have an age limit set at a minimum 25 years old, I have just received passports and the ages are 22 and 23, I have had a groups just leave our villa that were 19-21 and had to increase the age because we had a limit of 21 and this group were taking drugs and left our villa in a real state, then left us really low scores but no written review, so we couldn’t respond .. a nightmare! I want to know where we stand if guests that book are underage for our policy?

Account Adviso…

Dear Ali,

Really sorry to hear that you have to go through that! I hear that you've received their passports stating that they don't meet you minimum age. What is you property's operations like? Do you still check them in albeit knowing of their ages already? You've got the first step right, which is to ask for identification!


Ali Elliott

No one at Booking.com is ever sorry!! That’s no.1!! Like others have said if you allow hosts to set an age limit .. this should be checked to enable a guest to book .. the guests that booked my villa were very clever in stating that they didn’t know how to send passports on WhatsApp etc.. so I thought that they were older guests that weren’t very savvy with modern technology .. until they were at my villa gate .. I’m really really angry 

Ali Elliott


I had asked for passports numerous times before their arrival, I asked for them on the messages on Booking.com and they told the images wouldn’t show it was like an error message (this has also happen other bookings) so I asked for them to be sent by WhatsApp and they said they didn’t know how to do that!! So they were checked on arrival and then what do you do? Leave them on the street? In hindsight I wish we had .. but booking.com have a duty surely if they offer hosts to add an age limit to check those ages prior to guests booking .. the same thing has happened again under age guests booking.. 

Wagih Ghali

I have just had the same thing happen! We have a minimum age of 21, and when I checked the guests’ ID they are 20 and 18. It’s very awkward—I can’t very well reject them when they’ve driven hours to our location, and we rely on Booking.com to ensure guests meet the criteria set in our account.