Guests with no ID

Hello fellow hosts,

It seems to me there is a scam making the rounds. We had people appearing here and claiming that they had been robbed of their belongings, passport, credit card and mobile phone. They have a police report with their details on it to back up the claim.

I believed this once but got badly defrauded out of money, trying to help out.

But another person turned up with too much unbelievable stories andwe finally told her to leave.

I presume you should always turn people with no proper ID away.

Has anybody else come across this?



No , but I always insist in a pre-clearance routine... where the guest must within x hours or days send on their Passport photo all edges and adjacent page.


its a great way to filter out the scammers, time wasters..


you put it into the new reservation template at top, with a warning failure to comply with in the time limit will result in voiding and cancelling the reservation.


same for prepay full or partial rate.


I had one today tried t oworm out of my pre-clearance policy for passport and covid test results or digital covid passport, a german , and i was having none of her nonsense.


some will try to tell you 'oh we were told never to send such info as its sensitive over app or email'.


that is utter bollox talk, utter bullshit... people who think they know better than the rules and policy you have in place....



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