How can I live chat with Booking.com support team

I also need to know who is our Market Manager.

How do I contact them?


Please advise how do I contact Booking.com support Team.

I tried to inbox the message but it wont allow me to send the message.

Please advise

Joel Monkarsh

I am a booking.com partner.  Is this what mean by a chatline?

I will ask for a response to each of these issues.

I currently am a airbnb host and it is better to be a host with airbnb than a guest.  How do we specify that we expect our guests to be fully vaccinated before they arrive.

Also, we need clarification about our ability to screen the guests before they show up.  It is not a matter of discriminating, but a matter of screening for our own safety.

I am a former paralegal and I know that our home is not a commercial property, so there are no residual restrictions, and hence most of the licensing restrictions do not apply and they did not with airbnb.


Joel M***, jm8***

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Janita - Accou…

Hi Joel, 

Thank you for reaching out. Our platform does differ to Air BnB in many ways. Booking.com is an instant booking platform, therefore you are not able to screen guests prior to accepting their reservation.

Joel Monkarsh



The problem with the earlier Community Partner Team message with the nastiness of the tone and I fault the person who sent the message.

I'm sure you know about the horrors travelers sometimes encounter with airbnb, but it is far easier as a host.  In Korea, it is both unwise and possibly illegal for homeowners to book guests without knowing their Covid-19 status.  We use booking.com when we travel and we are scrambling to remove ourselves as hosts on booking.com.  We have been trying to remove ourselves as partners, but it has not been simple to remove the partnership post.j