Logging into Extranet.

Good afternoon Everyone,

I'll tell you my little story and then hopefully someone can assist.

Many many years ago myself and my wife brought a villa in Spain and happily lived for many years before we decided to try our hands at turning it into a b&b, this we eventually did, and we listed it on booking.com we worked hard and made it a successful business but one day decided that we wanted to return to the UK. We took the decision to let the property to a couple who wanted to continue to run it as a b&b so we added them as a partner to the Extranet account giving them full permission’s. After 2 years we have now had to kick them out for various issues but the issue we now have is that when we try to log into the Extranet account the password does not work and when we try to recover it the reset email goes to the people we removed from the property.

Getting in touch with a human is like pulling hens teeth, we really need some support here as our home is still listed and we want to remove it all.

Can someone please help us!!

Thank you in advance.


Fluff (new account)

As you don't have access to your Extranet account you will need to telephone the support team.

numbers by country

Whether that be Spain or the UK.


p.s. out of interest, what part of Spain?

Keith Prior

Hi Fluff, 

Thanks for getting back to me I appreciate that.

The UK numbers are all dead.

Its mainland Spain.


Fluff (new account)

Ivana Breig  

That is exactly the same list I linked to in my post that Keith Prior  has stated has dead numbers for the UK at least.

It would be most helpful if you could action having the list updated to active numbers, we recently had all of ours changed here too and were left to "discover" them ourselves.

Keith, until the above happens, try using the guest's main line and ask to be transferred from there or, better still, they might have the new numbers.

Keith Prior

Hi Fluff, So I called and got through to a human which was a task I have to say, I then actually believed for a moment that this could all be sorted, how wrong was I!

So it goes that because the couple who rented changed details on the extranet account like the contact number and email its only them that can do anything with it even though I can prove its my house and I’m living there and I opened the account, the customer support team were not helpful in the slightest, so I am no further forward.

I am however now going to sell the property and will be cancelling the rural tourism licence so that will make it illegal to be listed as a bed and breakfast, I will be sending BDC a copy of this notice but I doubt they will take any notice of it, I have also issued them with a DCMA takedown notice as the photos are mine but again they just reply with the standard email asking for my booking number.

Do these customer service agents even read anything that’s sent to them or are they all just zombies pushing button to send a pre scripted reply to everyone!