Not having a card machine, and the guests have paid to booking.com

I have been in contact with you a lot of time, also send email, and nothing helps. I need to have my payment for my guest into my bank account, as I can't take them from virtual credit card. DO NOT have a card machine any longer due to the cost. PLEASE can I have a phone number so I can speak with a person, and not a machine asking for booking number a so on! Best regards Lisbeth Worm River House Hoedspruit South Africa Ps. The guests have already been here, so I would been nice also to get paid!

Fluff (new account)

Have you tried addressing your concerns at the Finance department within Extranet messaging, done by selecting Finance as the subject header. They're not quick but do usually respond.

You may also have an account manager to contact, if you do the telephone number will be listed on the right of the screen within the messaging section.

There is also the possibility of using a third party card system such as TAB or similar.