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property address verification

Can anyone in the community help us with our address verification problems? it's been 23 days since we received an email saying we were being taken offline - I then discovered 14 days later that it was due to address verification (my guests have been finding me no problem meanwhile, but bookings are fast running out). Other platforms haven't been working as well for us as but this has meant no new business for over 3 weeks. Getting desperate now. The phone staff just say there's nothing they can do as the verification centre can only be emailed and they get a lot of issues like this. Asking to speak to a manger hasn't helped either. HELP!


Many thanks for any ideas.

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Jarratt - Acco… 1 month ago

Hi Justin, 


Firstly I'm really sorry for the frustration that you are clearly experiencing. This issue has been raised by multiple partners recently and has been escalated internally, I can assure you that as a company we are aware of the issue and working to address the backlog as quickly as practical. The best action you can take at the moment is to be sure you have raised this with the Partner Support team to be sure that it has been noted and pushed internally for a resolution. From the above it sounds as though you have done this; the relevant team will contact you as soon as they can, in the meantime please accept my apologies for the delay. 


Kind regards, 


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Justin Harmer 1 month ago

Thank you for the reply. The feeling of meeting a brick wall from the company is extremely frustrating. I’ve taken the actions you mentioned. And now wait. And pray. 

Catherine Glausiusz 1 month ago

We are 6 weeks here…. Keep calling and nothing…. V frustrating to say the least. We have sadly lost so much business as a result.