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Scam Alert! "Instafile"

We have just had a guest scammed by Instafile This is their site for recognition purposes

Their site is quite well set up to grab enquiries for lost property on flights or airports, tending to appear first in the searches and look genuine.

It requires a small payment of $35 to find the lost property BUT of course that's not going to happen, got the money, bye bye!


I thought this site was a thing of the past but seems to have been revamped and is very much active. If a guest asks you about it, tell them it is 100% bogus.


On the bright side we managed to locate the main piece of lost property with the very excellent AND FREE assistance of the transit airport involved. One mostly happy guest although the cheaper item seems in the wind.

Robert Cormack 1 month ago

I just had the same experience at Schiphol Airport.  I left a rucksac at a restaurent in the airport.  Lost and found took me to the InstaFile site.  It looks genuine.  Paid $34.99 and heard nothing from them.  No reply to emails.  Schiphol's own Lost and Found has proved to be excellent ... and free.