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We’re making the 75-minute online Proud Hospitality training session available to all our partners at no cost. After completing it, you’ll be empowered to engage with guests from all kinds of backgrounds and make it easier for every kind of person to experience the world as themselves.  

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In the session, get familiar with key topics


Introducing diversity, inclusion, sexual orientation and gender identity, and what they mean for hospitality.


Understanding LGBTQ+ travellers and their concerns, as well as best practices for engaging with this community.


Providing frameworks to consider the opportunities and challenges in improving the experiences of LGBTQ+ travellers.

Becoming Proud Certified

Once you’ve completed the training, we’ll ask you to make a declaration to commit to putting into practice what you learn. This includes identifying ways to make your property more inclusive. After that, you’ll get access to our Travel Proud Customer Toolkit. This includes a workbook with additional information and exercises for you to run with your team, as well as promotional materials that you can print or use digitally.


And that’s it! You’ll be Proud Certified, and in the future, we’ll recognise your efforts by showcasing your Proud Certified property on Booking.com.

Our training partners

Billy Kolber Small

Billy Kolber


Billy Kolber is the founder of HospitableMe, and a leading voice in the LGBTQ+ travel industry. He co-founded OUT&ABOUT, the first gay and lesbian travel magazine in the US, and ManAboutWorld, one of the first mobile-only magazines of any kind.

Kenny Porpora

Kenny Porpora


Kenny Porpora is the New York Times bestselling author of The Autumn Balloon. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, Buzzfeed, Salon and elsewhere. He has curated content for some of the largest destination marketing organisations in the world.



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