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Whether it’s machine learning innovations or global marketing campaigns, none of what we do would be possible without the people that make up Booking.com. Human connections are a pivotal part of a memorable travel experience, and so are the personal relationships in our partnership with you.




From 200 offices across the globe, more than 17,500 Booking.com employees share their passion for experiencing the world every day. How they do that is where we really see the people value of our partnership come alive.


It’s a diverse and vibrant workforce, with over 140 nationalities – more than 100 are represented at our HQ in Amsterdam alone. Over 50% of Booking.com employees and 30% of our leadership team are female. Inclusivity is really important to us: we have partners in 147,000 destinations worldwide who have all taken unique paths in life, so it’s vital that our teams reflect this diversity and can help us understand everything from local traditions to unique cultures.


At the helm, our leadership team includes some of the foremost experts in the tech and travel industry, driving the company forward with a united vision and an eye on the future. They use their vast combined experience, and the broad perspectives of their journeys to Booking.com’s HQ, to ensure our partners are always fully supported.


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Many of our senior leaders work closely with other key players in the tech industry, like Google and Facebook. We’re regularly called on by the industry to share our voice, which helps ensure the issues most important to the partner experience are put on the global agenda. We also collaborate with other travel industry service providers, including Skyscanner and CTrip, on the sustainable travel initiative Travalyst. Partnership is critical to tackling the biggest challenges the industry is facing, and that includes the partnership we have with you.


In fact, we have an entire programme dedicated to sustainable travel innovation: Booking Cares. Through a range of initiatives and funding commitments, we focus on prioritising sustainable travel across the pillars of tourism dispersal, inclusive travel, cultural preservation and promotion and environmental conservation and protection. This includes our Cares Volunteers programme, where employees donate their time and expertise to partner with local organisations on projects that help improve destinations worldwide.


Our Partner Services teams are dedicated to driving your performance by sharing best practices, reliable data and guidance on products and tools. They use their deep understanding of your values and needs – and the context of global partner research and continual learning – to further support your growth. Around the regions, in-market experts are immersed in each destination’s unique trends, challenges and opportunities. These local teams help ensure that the support provided to partners is tailored to that landscape, translating global initiatives at a local level. And to help them do their job, we have introduced world-class account management training that ensures they are equipped to support you in the best way possible.


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And for partners who manage their property exclusively through our digital tools and resources, the Partner Hub teams offer additional insights and information to support that journey.


Just as your feedback is integral to the development of our products, we also use our Advisory Boards to engage and collaborate with partners as an extension of our in-house people. Together with segment leaders and industry experts, so far we’ve established two boards – our aim is to create a space for further, deeper partnership.


Building further on the connections we develop with you and for you, this year we hosted 3,200 events worldwide offering opportunities for you to meet with us and your peers while discovering solutions for your business. The third edition of Click. also saw over 1,000 industry minds come together to connect, collaborate and explore how we’re working towards the connected trip of tomorrow.


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Supporting both guests and partners, over 8,000 customer service agents – representing 110 nationalities and speaking 43 languages – work around the clock to bridge the gap between guest assistance and partner engagement. Each of these agents really cares about your needs, and we empower them to connect with you on a human level and give you the benefit of their knowledge of the partner experience. We never ask them to follow a script.


We have experts in the most surprising areas. A psychologist who helps us understand booker behaviours, a UX designer who has turned a passion for illustration into incredible visuals that speak universally, a data scientist who established thriving scientific communities in Tel Aviv and a former physicist at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research – when it comes to world-class talent, we’ve got all the bases covered.


This wealth of robust skill sets, diverse specialisms and unique backgrounds drive Booking.com forward and help you maximise your partnership with us. Each and every member of our 17,500-strong team is committed to creating amazing travel experiences and supporting you through every step of making that happen.


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