5 trust and safety tips for holiday rentals

5 trust and safety tips for vacation rentals

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Welcoming guests to your property is a big deal. As you attract more bookings, we have various processes in place to make sure you grow safely and securely.

As your business grows and more bookings keep coming in, the safety and security of your guests and property are a priority. Here are some actions you can take to enjoy more peace of mind during their stays.

1. Make sure you welcome guests safely

There are things you can do before guests even arrive to help you feel more at ease. To stay in control of the process right from the start, you can set specific requirements your guests need to meet before they can even book. For example, on the Extranet you can select whether a guest needs to provide a phone number or home address in order to book. 

Top tip: You can add guest requirements by selecting Policies under the Extranet’s “Property” tab. 

2. Build a relationship with your guests right from the start

Establishing a trusting relationship with your guests at the very first point of contact helps you prevent issues further down the line. Create a great first impression for prospective guests by updating your property page with a host profile that lets them get to know you and what makes your property so special. It’s also a nice opportunity to share details about the local area and provide clear, concise guidance on how to get to your property. You can also encourage guests to contact you before they book, so you can answer any questions they might have about your property or their booking. This is a great way to build confidence on both sides before a stay.

Top tip: You can add a host profile by going to “Your profile” under the Extranet’s “Property” tab. 

3. Set your house rules

The majority of guests treat their surroundings with respect, and the same is true for your property and belongings. To make sure everyone is on the same page, you can set house rules* for your property so guests have a clear indication of your expectations and boundaries. These rules can cover guidelines on pets**, smoking, and parties, along with any quiet hours you want to set to avoid disturbing neighbors. If you set house rules for your property, we’ll share them with every guest and make sure they read and agree to them before booking. 

Top tip: You can add house rules for your property in “Policies” under the Extranet’s “Property” tab. 

*Before setting house rules, make sure you review our non-discrimination guidelines.
**In many jurisdictions, guests with service animals must be allowed to stay regardless of no-pet policies. 

4. Add extra protection using technology

When it comes to security, there are lots of safety devices that can protect your property and give you peace of mind. For example, investing in a smart key box can add extra security and also make it easier for guests when checking in and out of the property.  

Top tip: In the unlikely case of guest damage, give yourself a stronger sense of security by letting us facilitate damage payment requests on your behalf. 

5. Report guest misconduct 

No matter how well you plan, sometimes things go wrong. In these rare instances, it helps to approach things calmly, knowing external support is available to you. We offer customer support in 45 languages. If you can’t resolve an issue on-site, you can always find the right advice. In rare cases of serious misconduct, you can also report a problematic guest and we’ll prevent them from making future bookings with you. 

Top tip: You can report incidents of guest misconduct by clicking the relevant guest’s name under the Extranet’s “Reservations” tab. 

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  • To give yourself more control, you can set specific requirements that guests need to meet during the booking process
  • Creating a host profile on your property page is a great way to establish trust with guests right from the start
  • You can easily add house rules to give guests a clear indication of your expectations and make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Booking.com offers partners 24-hour support in 45 languages to help you resolve any issues