Ninh Bihn, Vietnam, Photo by catherine dionne on Unsplash reveals top emerging destinations for 2020

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What are the up-and-coming destinations that we anticipate will be popular with global travellers in the coming year?

With almost three-quarters (70%) of travellers wanting to go somewhere that offers experiences they’ve never had before next year, has delved into global booking trends to reveal 10 of the top emerging travel destinations for 2020. From hidden gems in Eastern Europe to under-the-radar spots in Asia, partners based in these up-and-coming destinations are set to be high on the agenda for guests looking for a year of discovery. We delve into the predictions and some of the local hotspots that might appeal to your guests.

Seogwipo, South Korea

The second largest city on South Korea’s Jeju Island, the bustling coastal city of Seogwipo will be of particular appeal among active travellers. Its volcanic coastline with clear blue waters will attract scuba-diving enthusiasts, while nearby Mount Hallasan is a hotspot for those looking to take a hike. Seogwipo is also the perfect base for travellers looking to visit the nearby waterfalls at Cheonjiyeon Falls and Jeongbang. With culinary tourism also hot on the agenda next year, Seogwipo Olle Market’s various street food and fresh produce stalls are a worthwhile recommendation, while downtown Seogwipo is home to many traditional Korean restaurants and BBQ spots.

Zabljak, Montenegro

Zabljak, a small town in northern Montenegro at the centre of the Durmitor mountain region, will be popular with travellers looking to go off-grid. Whether welcoming guests in the winter for an adrenaline-packed trip on the slopes or during the warmer months for water sports on the lakes and rivers and hiking trails nearby. Must-see attractions worth sharing with guests include Durmitor National Park, Black Lake and the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge.

Yerevan, Armenia

The history and architecture of Armenia’s capital Yerevan are of huge appeal to travellers seeking culture and heritage. Point guests in the direction of St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral - one of the largest cathedrals of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the world - and the ruins of the Zvartnos temple located within the Ararat Plateau. In the city, the Cascade, a giant stairway made of limestone which features fountains, sculptures and a tranquil garden courtyard, or Republic Square are worth noting in your property description.

Salta, Argentina

With bright colonial architecture and unique landscapes nearby, Salta is located in the heart of the Argentine Andes and is a great ‘best of both worlds’ destination for the one-in-five (19%) of global travellers who want to visit Argentina in 2020. Highlights worth sharing with your guests include the colourful cityscape at 9 de Julio Plaza - a public square in the heart of the city, San Francisco Church - a historic church and monastery that dates back to the 1600s, and the nearby landscape of The Hill of Seven Colors and Salinas Grandes.

Il Gzira, Malta

For travellers looking to take a cultural beach trip in 2020, Il Gzira, on the north eastern coast of Malta and in direct view of the walled city of Valletta, is set to be a popular destination. The town takes its name from the Maltese word for “island” after the nearby Manoel Island, which visitors can see from the city’s Marsamxett harbour. Fort Manoel, which was built in 1726 on Manoel Island adjacent to the town itself, makes a great day trip for travellers to learn more about the town’s history and the island’s past as a hospital quarantine.

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh is often referred to as the “Ha Long Bay on land” as the dense greenery of the landscape surrounding the city emerges from land rather than water. Quieter than its nearby namesake, Ninh Binh will appeal to travellers seeking a scenic escape just a few hours away from bustling Hanoi. Outside the city itself, Ninh Binh province’s medley of mountains, rivers, caves, rice fields and pagodas are of great appeal, with boat tours of the picturesque natural area being of particular interest.

From hidden gems in Eastern Europe to under-the-radar spots in Asia, partners based in these up-and-coming destinations are set to be high on the agenda for guests looking for a year of discovery.

Swinoujscie, Poland

Located in northwest Poland on the Baltic Sea, the port town of Swinoujscie is a perfect destination for water lovers. Travellers can immerse themselves in the town’s history and visit the Museum of Sea Fishery, before taking a walk to the 19th-century lighthouse for panoramic scenery of the harbour from the observation deck. For guests looking for a more high octane experience, consider recommending a day of water sports on Swinoujscie Beach, one of the widest beaches in Poland.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's capital San Juan is an extraordinary Caribbean destination boasting vibrant culture and architecture. Your guests can explore the cobbled streets and colonial architecture of Old San Juan to Fortaleza Street with its colourful umbrella installation, and roads full of lush greenery surrounding the houses nearby. The flora isn’t the only picture opportunity for travellers; with a thriving art scene, San Juan’s streets are adorned with street art while more architecturally-minded travellers can enjoy El Morro, Castillo de San Cristobal and Paseo de la Princesa.

Takamatsu, Japan

Takamatsu, also known as Udon Kingdom and the Gateway of Shikoku, is a port town that will entice travellers interested in vibrant food scenes and scenic backdrops. The tea houses of Ritsurin Park, where travellers can experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony are a major draw; along with the Engetsu-kyo (moon crossing) bridge and iconic lotus ponds.

Jodhpur, India

The city of Jodhpur is known as one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with thousands of blue houses transforming the urban landscape into a sea of ocean-coloured buildings. Guests with an interest in culture, architecture and museums will be impressed with the Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace and the Mandore Gardens. The medieval streets of Jodhpur and its many bazaars offering authentic Indian food and spices will appeal to foodies and shopping enthusiasts.


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  • 70% of global travellers say that in 2020 they want to go somewhere that offers experiences they’ve never had before
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