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Exploring the marketing value of Booking.yeah

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How is investing in the US, and how does it help your business? We explore the partner benefits of our latest major advertising campaign, Booking.yeah

At critical times throughout the year, launches advertising campaigns to make sure you’re at the top of travelers’ minds. Given the optimism and strong desire to travel we’re seeing from US-based customers, we believe now is an opportune time to remind them of the world-class hospitality and exceptional experiences you have to offer. 

During 2022, we’ll be investing strongly in the US and stimulating demand via customer-facing marketing campaigns. To kick off the year, we went big with a new commercial that premiered during the largest sporting event in America. 

The revival of Booking.yeah 

Live for the first time during the “big game” on February 13, the commercial stars Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated actor, filmmaker, and musician Idris Elba, and is a revival of our memorable Booking.yeah campaign from 2013, which still resonates with Americans today. It’s light-hearted and aims to showcase how easy it is for travelers to find and book the perfect trip on 

“The pandemic has no doubt made it challenging to experience the world over the past few years, impacting our industry on an unprecedented scale,” says Arjan Dijk, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at “The new Booking.yeah campaign aims to help stimulate demand for our partners by showcasing that makes it easier for travelers and is the reliable choice for booking a trip, with features from free cancellation to customized filters to the largest selection and choice of accommodations – hotels, homes, and everything in between. Powerhouse talent Idris Elba truly helped bring the creative to life that isn’t flashy or sexy, but we are really good at one thing – booking travelers the perfect vacation.”

Along with highlighting a diverse range of property types, the commercial aims to entice US-based bookers to explore our platform and discover your properties by championing features that we know are important to them, such as free cancellation and flexibility.

Operating as an extension of your own team, our dedicated experts across brand marketing, video production, consumer insights, and more worked hard to bring Booking.yeah to life. Helping you achieve a global reach without the complexities of hiring large teams yourself, the campaign was designed to reach a significant volume of people during a major American cultural event, while connecting you with new guests in a relevant and emotional way. 

Investing in the US

Booking.yeah builds on last year’s investments in the US, such as our Welcome Back America campaign. Premiering during one of America’s most-watched television events gave us the opportunity to tap into a multi-million audience made up of a diverse mix of viewers, which in turn stimulates demand for you. 

"The Booking.yeah campaign and investment in the US, especially during the "big game," was driven by research that shows Americans are looking to get back out there and explore the world, with renewed optimism and appetite for travel," says Ben Harrell, Managing Director US at "With 72% of US travelers noting they will say “yes” to any vacation opportunity if budget allows, and 63% saying they don't even mind where they go, there is significant opportunity for our partners to appeal to both local and distant travelers on While we expect the travel industry’s recovery to have some bumps along the way, the data suggests that travel is continuing to rebound stronger and demand will continue to increase.'s major brand investment in the US aims to capitalize on current traveler sentiment and ultimately help bring customers to our partners."

Commercials launched during the game’s four-hour broadcast undoubtedly play a significant role and have a huge impact on viewers. Morning Consult research reveals that last year, 76% of viewers acknowledged ads as a reason they watched the game. Three in ten respondents cited ads as a major reason they watched, and 8% said ads were the only reason they tuned in.

In addition to the significant number of American viewers the game attracted, the commercial’s sustained digital presence transcends US borders. According to Google, from 2008 to 2016, viewership of the game’s ads on YouTube outside the US had grown over 28x. This presents an opportunity to increase your exposure in a number of major markets, including the UK, Germany, and Australia.

Following the game, the campaign will continue to run for five weeks across primetime TV, audio streaming, and online channels, maintaining momentum and continuing the conversation. To further amplify brand awareness and engagement, we’re using additional marketing channels—paid, owned, and earned—as part of a tightly integrated campaign. 

Making the most of stimulated demand

While we’re investing in capturing demand for you, there are a number of ways that you can make your listing even more attractive to customers looking for their next stay. 

The majority of TV-ad-driven searches during the “big game” happen on mobile according to Google, so activating a mobile rate can help you convert searches stimulated by the campaign. Plus, last year our app was the third most-downloaded travel app, with more than 60% of property searches and bookings on now made on mobile devices. 

Targeted rates are another effective way to attract specific traveler segments. For example, Country Rates can help you attract region-specific demand both domestically and internationally, while US State Rates can help US-based partners target travelers at a more granular level.

"The campaign aims to showcase that is the easiest platform to use to find and book the perfect trip,” says Harrell. "Now is the time to ensure your property listings capitalize on what we know travelers want most – from free cancellation and flexibility to mobile rates and the option to pay how and when they prefer. All of these are proven products that help customers click “book” on your property. Our local teams are here to answer questions and help optimize your listings to ensure they attract the highest volume of guests."

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  • On February 13, during America’s largest sporting event, we launched our new advertising campaign in front of a multi-million audience
  • The ad is a revival of our memorable Booking.yeah campaign from 2013, which still resonates with Americans today
  • With the aim of helping you grow your business, the campaign was designed to provide unparalleled reach during a major American cultural event that transcends US borders
  • Operating as an extension of your own team, our dedicated experts help you achieve a global reach without the complexities of hiring large teams yourself