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Holiday season booking essentials

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In the aftermath of festive celebrations, travellers’ attentions turn to the lure of sun, sea and summer holidays. How can partners ready themselves for family and group bookings?

During the summer, guests are typically travelling in larger groups with family or friends and looking for a destination where they can relax and unwind for an extended period. As such, it’s important to have your property primed for their needs now - when bookings typically surge - with informative listings, straightforward processes and a streamlined check-in procedure.

Amy Leavenworth, Director of Product,, says: “Our home properties are great options for large groups or families and provide unique opportunities and experiences. The importance of being together and finding the creature comforts they want can make or break their experience. Having your listing up to date on how you can host these larger groups or small families, allows them to find the best properties to fit their needs.” Here’s how you can prepare:

Home rentals can be unique and diverse, so be sure to put your property in the spotlight by providing family-friendly content such as photos and amenity information. Highlight popular features such as whether the property has a bath, a TV, WiFi and parking, and include photos of things like high chairs, cribs and outdoor areas. Guests looking for a home away from home will be eager to understand as much about their rental as possible, so by providing quality content you’ll be more attractive to family bookers.

A lot rides on the summer vacation period - for many travellers this is their main trip of the year.

Travellers also need a clear overview of the rooms and beds available, and in the case of families, how the property caters to children. Multiple occupancy rooms may slip through the net if you don’t have your ‘children and extra bed policies’ up-to-date on the Extranet. Advising on the number of rooms along with extra beds and the availability of cots or cribs, will help guests find your property and be confident in its suitability for the family.

Ease of booking

A lot rides on the summer vacation period - for many travellers this is their main trip of the year. So, building a trusting relationship with your guests ahead of their arrival is a simple yet incredibly effective way to put their mind at ease.

Integrating pre-booking comms and adding host bios helps develop a more personal approach. Building that human connection, your guests will be able to address any queries they have during the search process and your hospitality will be able to shine through from the get-go. What’s more, it helps you establish good communication ahead of the trip itself - something that will make life easier for all.

Ease of check-in

After weeks, or sometimes months, of anticipation your guests are finally on their way. Check-in can be a defining moment in a trip, setting the scene for the duration of the stay. Making this process simple and stress-free is important for all parties. Providing clear key collection information, including how to access the property and alternative check-in methods, removes a lot of hassle and reassures guests of what to expect on arrival.


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  • Add photos and clear amenity lists to your property listing to ensure guests are aware of all family-friendly facilities
  • Clear ‘children and extra bed policies’ will help families find the property best suited to their needs
  • Host bios and pre-booking communications help establish a good relationship with your guest
  • Simple key collection and check-in information ensures a great guest experience from the second they arrive