Partner Community now available in Italian

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Head to the Partner Community to connect with your Italian-speaking peers and share in the journey

With the launch of the new Partner Hub, our commitment to supporting you in every step of your journey has taken an important leap with the debut of a dedicated Italian platform on the Partner Community.

Visitors to the Partner Community will now be able to find topics and discussions in Italian, providing opportunities to connect and share with your in-market peers.

From tips on improving your review scores to how to attract more guests, share your insights and learnings while picking up innovative ideas from each other.

Everyone on the Partner Community will also benefit from new functionalities including the ability to @Mention other partners along with hashtags to help track the topics you are most interested in.


We need political awareness of the strategic importance of tourism and an adoption of appropriate strategies,’ Maurizio Davolio – AITR. Photo: Tom Podmore, Unsplash
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To learn more visit the Partner Community

Visit the community

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  • Partner Community is a peer-to-peer space for partners from around the world
  • partners can go there to share tips and ideas, seek advice and connect with each other
  • The Partner Community is currently available in English and Italian