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How to get the most out of your Traveller Review Award 2024 win

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Calling all Traveller Review Award winners! It’s time to showcase your team, property, and all-around amazing hospitality. Learn how to access your personalized award kit and celebrate your win.

Turn your Traveller Review Award into a marketing win

The Traveller Review Awards are among the biggest hospitality awards in the world – and for the 2024 edition, we’re recognizing more of our partners than ever before. 

Now that this year’s winners have been notified via email about their incredible accomplishments, it’s time to celebrate (and brag a little). To reward all our winners, we’ve created a personalized award kit filled with assets to help you share your win with the world. 

Your award kit was designed to make it easy for you to share your achievement on social media, on your property page, and at your property. The kit contains a digital version of the award, a printable version, and social media templates that you can customize.

Keep reading to learn how you can download and open your award kit, as well as how to use these assets to promote your property. 

Share your win with the world

We love seeing how our partners announce their Traveller Review Award wins – and we’re always impressed by the creative ways you use your award kits. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s some inspiration from last year’s winners:

  • Put the spotlight on your team – Boutique Beach Diving Hotel in the Maldives turned their award into a dynamic slideshow of their award-winning team. This approach not only showed their appreciation for their employees, but also helped potential guests see some of the heroes behind the scenes. 
  • Show off your property – travelers often look for stunning views and beautiful accommodations, and where better to show off how Instagrammable your property is than on social media? Brazil’s Dreamland Bungalows used their award to highlight their outdoor pool and inspire future guests, while the 4 Oda Cave House in Turkey capitalized on their unique setting.
  • Thank your guests – the Traveller Review Awards recognize the most highly rated properties on our platform, all based on guest reviews. Château de Maillat in France took the opportunity to thank their guests for sharing their experiences and leveraged some of those positive reviews to reach new audiences. 
  • Be loud and proud – you deserve to spread the word about your accomplishments, so remember to share the news everywhere. For example, Spain’s Hotels VIVA collected all their winning properties on their LinkedIn page, and many partners upload their awards to their property pages on We also expect to see more and more partners sharing on TikTok as the platform continues to grow. 

However you decide to post, remember to tag us using @bookingcom and #TravellerReviewAwards2024 so we can celebrate with you – and maybe even share your posts. 

Accessing your award kit

To get your award kit: 

  1. Go to the Traveller Review Award 2024 page
  2. Enter your property ID, adding each ID separately if you have multiple winning properties. You can find your property ID on the Extranet – it’s the multi-digit number next to your property’s name in the banner.
  3. Click “Download” to get your award kit. 

If you receive an error message, the property ID you entered may not be for a winning property. Make sure your property ID is correct and try again. 

Your award kit will be in a zip file in your downloads folder, so you’ll need to unzip the file to access the assets. On a Mac, you can just find the file and double-click it to open. Otherwise, follow these steps: 

  1. Find the file in your downloads folder.
  2. Right-click the downloaded file. 
  3. Select “Extract here” to access the assets in your file. 

Check out this video for more on downloading your award kit and using the assets included in it. 

Oaxaca Mexico
Ready for your award kit?

Head to our dedicated page and get your award kit now to start sharing.

Download your award kit

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  • Download your Traveller Review Awards 2024 award kit on the Partner Hub
  • Share the news about your award to make content and connect with new audiences
  • Get creative with your award kit by putting the spotlight on your team, property, and guests. Check out posts from past winners to get inspired
  • Tag us using @bookingcom and #TravellerReviewAwards2024 on social media for extra reach
  • Find help downloading and opening your award kit in our instructional video