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Celebrating our Traveller Review Awards 2024 winners

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The 12th annual Traveller Review Awards winners have been announced! From ranches and rental cars to treehouses and taxis – we’re recognizing the excellent hospitality of over 1.48 million partners like you.

The new year has just begun, and we’re excited to announce the Traveller Review Awards 2024 winners! Now in their twelfth edition, these awards recognize Booking.com partners like you who went above and beyond to create exceptional experiences for guests.

Thanks to over 309 million verified customer reviews, this year we’re celebrating a record 1.48 million partners across 221 countries and territories. The award recipients include 1,484,294 accommodations, 449 rental car companies, and 129 taxi providers.

Let’s dive into the results.



Italy had the highest number of Traveller Review Awards 2024 winners

Italy continued its streak for the seventh year running as the country with the highest number of award recipients. It was followed by Spain, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, which climbed two spots from last year to secure fifth place. Rounding out the top ten were Poland, Brazil, the US, Croatia, and Portugal.

Check out the number of Traveller Review Award recipients for each of the top ten countries:

  1. Italy: 181,012
  2. Spain: 125,611
  3. France: 124,361
  4. Germany: 86,910
  5. United Kingdom: 74,754
  6. Poland: 61,693
  7. Brazil: 58,788
  8. United States: 56,014
  9. Croatia: 53,971
  10. Portugal: 32,910

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Travelers appreciate a home away from home

The trend of travelers preferring a home-like experience continues, with apartments maintaining their stronghold as the most awarded accommodation type (710,687) for the seventh consecutive year.

For two years running, vacation homes (213,824) have surpassed hotels (179,357) to claim second place, with guest houses (84,715) and B&Bs (71,514) completing the top five. Villas experienced the highest surge in award recipients, with a 23% increase year over year, followed by vacation homes (20%) and campgrounds (14%). 

There was a 10% rise in awards for vacation rentals and other unique properties, highlighting a growing appreciation for stays that go beyond the traditional hotel experience.

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Our ground transportation partners are also key in the traveler experience

This is now the fifth year that we’ve recognized our ground transportation partners for their fantastic service and hospitality. Besides helping visitors get from point A to point B, rental cars make it easier to take less traveled paths, while taxis often give travelers their first impressions of a new area.

This year, 449 car rental partners from 26 countries are Traveller Review Award 2024 recipients. Spain (84) keeps its position in top place with the most car rental companies awarded, followed by Italy (74), Portugal (47), Greece (42), and the US (28). The warm welcomes of 129 taxi partners were also recognized, with Italy (17) and Spain (12) having the most awards.

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To all award recipients, thank you for your dedication and passion

“Whether it’s a tip on hidden local gems to explore at the car rental counter or a personalized welcome note from an apartment owner with recommendations for the best spots in the neighborhood to grab a bite, our partners make trips more memorable and enjoyable for our customers each and every day,” said Arjan Dijk, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Booking.com. 

“The Traveller Review Awards are our way of thanking and publicly acknowledging the top-notch service our partners provide to travelers, and the critical role they play in our mission of making it easier for everyone to experience the world. To everyone receiving an award this year, we salute your dedication and passion – we couldn’t do what we do without you!”


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Your excellent hospitality makes all the difference to travelers. Are you one of our Traveller Review Awards 2024 winners?

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  • A record-breaking 1.48 million Booking.com partners across 221 countries and territories were Traveller Review Awards 2024 winners
  • Accommodations, rental car companies, and taxi providers were celebrated for delivering consistently excellent service and hospitality
  • For the seventh year in a row, Italy had the highest number of award winners, followed by Spain and France
  • Apartments dominated as the most awarded accommodation type, with vacation homes and hotels rounding out the top three
  • There was a 10% increase in awards to properties that offer an alternative type of stay to traditional hotels