The host of LA’s Charming Lofts on expanding his business through

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Louis Gonzalez, host of Charming Lofts in downtown Hollywood, on welcoming guests from around the world, the importance of great customer service, and building a successful vacation rental business with

I’m Louis Gonzalez and I’ve been living in Los Angeles for around 16 years. For the last seven of those, I’ve been involved in the vacation rental industry as a host – though I didn’t exactly plan to go down this route. 

Welcoming guests from around the world

A while back, my roommate here in LA got a job offer and moved to New York, and I needed to cover the rent. That’s when one of my neighbors suggested renting the room out to travelers. 

I wasn’t sure at first, but I went for it. And it really worked out. In fact, pretty soon I realized that I could cover my rent as well – and even used the profit to go traveling. So, while it was born out of a bit of desperation, I loved it. I loved the freedom that it gave me, that I could create a great experience for guests, and that I could meet people from all over the world. 

When the opportunity to take on more units presented itself, I jumped at the chance. I’ve now got six properties – all in LA and all listed on 

Charming Lofts is one of those properties. It’s an industrial loft overlooking the Hollywood sign. It’s safe and secure and a very well-known building. Charlie Chaplin made a film here in the 1920s – it's a Hollywood landmark.

charming lofts’s global reach helped business take off

Travelers come to Charming Lofts from all over the world. really helps with that. Unlike some other platforms, it's multinational and caters to a much larger audience. For me, that was a real game-changer. 

So much so that I now use for 100% of my business. To be totally honest, I hadn’t heard of the platform until a friend recommended it. I’m forever grateful to that friend because has been great for my business. gave me all the tools to get started, and it was really easy to create my listing. You put in some photos and a clear description of your property, and you’re good to go. 

I use the Extranet to check my calendar, check my reviews, and make sure everything is updated. Other than that, I use the Pulse app for everything. It’s a really user-friendly app that makes it possible to manage my business on the go. I find the whole process very, very easy. 

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First-class customer service 

Having worked in hospitality for nine years, I appreciate just how important customer service is. And’s customer service is incredible. If you have any questions, just call them and someone’s always there to help you.

When it comes to hosting, it’s important to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for your guests and to have as many amenities available to guests as you can, basic essentials like clean linens, towels, and Wifi. And communication is key when it comes to hosting. It’s important to respond quickly to new inquiries. Cover these things, and you’ll make a great host. 

I think this dedication to customer service is why I have the review score I do (Charming Lofts is rated “Wonderful” on If my guests need anything, I’m here for them. I want them to feel at home. That personal touch can really help you stand out. If there’s a question, I’ll respond within an hour. Even if I don’t have the answer, I’ll tell them that I can’t answer right now but will get back to them – just to let guests know that I value their time.

Moving forward, I’d like to expand into other cities and countries, continuing to use one hundred percent. I absolutely recommend You’ll earn extra money, have a great time, and meet interesting people from all over the world. I’d encourage everyone to become a host. 


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  • Charming Lofts is one of Louis’s six properties throughout LA – all of his guests come through
  •’s international reach was a real “game-changer,” says Louis
  • Louis’s “Wonderful” rating on and personal touches help him stand out – leading to more business
  • The Charming Lofts host is hoping to expand into other cities and countries where, he says, he’ll continue to use 100%