How to maximise your peak season success with our traveller predictions_

How to maximize peak season success with our 2024 traveler predictions

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Peak season is a huge opportunity for your business. But how can you make the most of our platform to amplify that success? We looked at our 2024 traveler predictions and how our solutions can support your guests’ wants and needs.

From May through September, we see a significant spike in traffic, searches, and bookings – it’s officially peak season across the Northern Hemisphere. In preparation for this busy period, we’ve compiled a wrap-up of our key 2024 traveler predictions and the solutions that will help you deliver on these insights and maximize your revenue. 

Appeal to the “A La Carte Affluencers” with strategic upselling

Balancing global economic struggles with travelers’ desire to treat themselves now and again has revealed the trend of “A La Carte Affluencers.” Our research found that many have money-saving hacks when booking a break, but they still love to splurge on a few luxuries. With 56% planning all-inclusives to keep a better handle on how much they’re spending, and 51% opting for five-star hotel day passes over stays, there’s an appetite for travel treats, but in budget-friendly moderation. 

So, to make this season more successful than last, why not target this market? By maintaining competitive peak rates, you’ll keep the bookings coming in. With our Room Upsell feature, you could increase your revenue with a tempting invitation to enjoy some of the finer things your property has to offer.

Another way travelers are toggling between budget and premium is by avoiding peak season family getaways. In fact, 47% of parents are planning to take their children out of school to avoid the spike in prices. There are two ways you can leverage this insight on our platform. You can offer competitive Child Rates during peak season to win over parents and keep their vacation plans within school breaks, or play to the trend and update your rates for dates on the cusp of peak season to maximize your returns.

Give “Surrender Seekers” their freedom with free cancellations

Flexibility is also key to your peak season success story. 2024 travelers want a splash of spontaneity. According to our research, 55% don’t want to have their plans set in stone before traveling, allowing them the freedom to go with the flow. What’s more, 69% said they’d prefer to travel with loose plans and live in the moment. 

With that in mind, we have features that will help you deliver on this. We also have tools in place to stop it from costing your business. Give guests peace of mind through free cancellations with Smart Flex Reservations

If they do drop out last-minute, we’ll be ready to step in with our “Ask for a replacement guest” feature. In 35% of cases globally, this function finds a replacement within 24 hours of the cancellation. Better still, half of these guests are found within five hours. It’s a win-win.

Partner Liability Insurance: your safety net for holiday rentals

Flatter the “(Alter) Ego Enthusiasts” with guest insights 

Interestingly, another trend uncovered by our study is the “(Alter) Ego Enthusiasts.” We found that for many, there’s a thrill of embodying a 2.0 version of themselves when vacationing. 62% of travelers explained that they see travel as a chance to recreate themselves.

This trend suggests that if they want to live their best lives when traveling, they’ll want to do it in the best place possible. That’s where the Preferred Partner Program comes in. It shows travelers which properties have the “thumbs up” from us. Exclusively available to the top 30% of partners in a destination, not only does this accolade provide clear signposting for guests, it also bumps you up the rankings. On average, partners get up to 65% more page views and 20% more bookings.

If you’re actively looking to improve the guest experience—and win over the 68% of travelers who want to be more like their “vacation self”—opting for Guest Insights could be another key consideration. This gives you extra information about your guests ahead of their stay so you can find out what they love about their breaks and cater to their unique needs. From allergies and dietary restrictions to interests and past reviews, you’ll be able to get a feeling for what they like and why they’ve chosen you. 

Whether you’re a hotel chain, independent hotelier, or vacation rental provider, we see these key insights and solutions as your fast-track to a more successful peak season. So before things ramp up, take a look at how these features can help you secure more bookings and glowing reviews. Here’s to your highest-performing year to date. 

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Get prepped for peak season

Want to get ready for the best year yet? Implement some of these changes to capture early demand and tap into what travelers want in 2024.

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  • Saving money is a key trend for 2024. With as many as 47% of parents saying they plan to take their children out of school to save money on vacations, our Child Rates can help.
  • 69% of travelers told us they’d prefer to travel with loose plans and have the freedom to live for the moment. With free cancellations and replacement guest features, you can give them what they want, without it affecting your bottom line.
  • 62% are looking to reinvent themselves on vacation to live their best life. Signing up for the Preferred Partner Program could be just the nudge they need to choose your property over the competition.