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Breakfast inspiration from partners

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Many say it’s the most important meal of the day, so what do partners around the world serve up to their hungry guests for breakfast? We turned to the Community to share some of the best ideas

From traditional Wafuu in Japan and buttery croissants in France to Pão de Queijo in Brazil and the classic English fry-up – a guest’s experience of breakfast on their travels can be as unique as the sights and sounds of the destination. What’s more, breakfast is the number one service that global travelers would consider purchasing from their accommodation.

For many guests, breakfast will also be the final thing they experience at your property before they check-out, so it’s a perfect opportunity to finish on a high. Whether you prefer local delicacies that will serve as a special reminder of their stay or universal crowd-pleasers that set travelers up for the day, don’t underestimate the impact of a good breakfast. So, what do our partners on the Community serve?

"Being in the North of England – I serve a freshly cooked ‘Full English’ of eight locally sourced items (bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, potato cake, and a slice of black pudding – a local breakfast delicacy). Obviously, guests can also choose any combination or alternative to suit their needs – for example scrambled eggs on toast, or even a bacon butty [roll] if they are wanting a ‘grab and go’ fast breakfast." – Davespiceuk

"We serve a different main course for breakfast every day, but all breakfasts include melon with serrano ham, yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries, freshly baked bread, a cheeseboard with four different cheeses and crackers, homemade strawberry jam and marmalade, as well as tea or coffee and water, and orange juice." – Colm (Bon B & B Amsterdam)

"My guesthouse is self-catering, so we supply a simple continental breakfast of pastries, bread, spreads, cereals and milk and leave the guests to quietly enjoy their stay. They know where to contact us if they need anything." – Blue Canary

"Pancakes are the very best for allergies … with the right kind of flour you can make gluten-free, with coconut milk you can serve to the lactose free … you can make it work for almost anyone." – Resevations

"The oatmeal we serve is the most beloved breakfast. We have guests who love it so much that they always eat that, regardless of how many days they stay." – Thuild – Your world of creation

"Each day of your stay with us we serve freshly baked breads – usually sourdough, raisin walnut, and scones. Along with that, we serve fresh fruit, fresh squeezed juices, coffee and tea, some sort of egg dish depending upon what is in season, potatoes or sausage or bacon, and freshly baked cakes and pastries!" – Ccpddb

"Put a local delicacy – different one – every day on your inclusive menu. You can put poale-n brau (I love it!) one day, polenta next day, merdenele and so on. A small portion so they can try." – Pita Lie


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Hero image: Credit to Artem Beliaikin, Unsplash
  • Breakfast is the number one service that global travelers would consider purchasing from their accommodation
  • From local delicacies to crowd-pleasers with universal appeal, you can create a unique breakfast offering that will sate appetites and finish a guest’s stay in a memorable way
  • Let guests know about the breakfast options you offer via your property listings and enable advance bookings with the meal-plan add on