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Click. Magazine’s most popular reads of 2020

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The end of this year mark’s Click. Magazine’s 3-year anniversary but also a tough year for the travel industry, with an emphasis on recovery-related stories

It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn the most-read Click. Magazine articles for 2020 were heavily focused on the pandemic. This year, the subject took over the travel industry - and the world. Here’s what partners were most interested in hearing about as they dealt with the disruption. 

1. The introduction of long-stay rates 

Both leisure travelers and remote workers began seeking out longer stays in 2020, so we rolled out weekly and monthly rates to help partners meet this pressing need, along with a pilot program for potentially even longer stays. 

2. Cybersecurity in a COVID-19 world

The pandemic slowed down travel, but it hasn’t slowed the efforts of scammers who employ phishing and social engineering tactics. Thankfully, there are lots of people at Booking.com working behind the scenes to keep partners safe - and an easy way to report anything suspicious at report.booking.com. 

3. Finding accommodations “near me” 

This was the year for travelers to think locally, with driveable destinations seeing a surge in interest. To cater to this demand, we added “near me” search functionality to help travelers better find what they’re looking for. It also represents an opportunity for properties that might normally go unnoticed to surface more frequently. 

We collected and analyzed a breathtaking amount of survey and platform data this year to spot trends to help our partners understand the rapidly changing business climate. In this popular post, we identified the top trends and how you can address each one. 

5. Building an inclusive customer experience

This year we began rolling out our Travel Proud Program for partners who want to fly the flag and attract LGBTQ+ travelers. But inclusivity isn’t just about checking boxes. We’ve been working hard to build inclusivity into the Booking.com culture

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Flexibility became the ultimate skill in 2020 with 'working from anywhere' becoming the norm


6. Optimizing a short-term rental listing

In the second quarter of 2020, alternative accommodation bookings represented around 40% of all new bookings. If you offer short-term rentals, did you make any changes to your listing this year to deal with market uncertainties? If not, these are some things to consider

7. Rollout of the Work-Friendly Home Program

This year, working from home went from a nice-to-have option to an absolute necessity for some people. Senior Director Eric Bergaglia shares his thoughts on the benefits of offering a clean, well-lighted place for guests to get some work done at your property - and why you may want to consider joining the Work-Friendly Home Programme if you haven’t already. 

8. Matching travelers to accommodations with intent

Our product managers are always testing and refining the user experience and this year has seen a flurry of product improvements designed to help partners market their property during the pandemic. We dig into intent-based search and how it is helping surface better recommendations for travelers

9. How travelers rediscovered domestic destinations

This has been the year for domestic travel, so it’s no surprise that partners gravitated to regional and country updates like this one that identified popular destinations during the summer, which were often quite different from a normal year. 

10. Pricing portfolio: proactive vs. reactive solutions

Do you have a clear pricing strategy - and does it take into account this year’s disruptions and market realities? We created a new portfolio framework of pricing solutions that are divided into two branches: proactive and reactive solutions. Hielke van Trommel, Director of Product Marketing, breaks it all down and shows you how to get not just your fair share of the market - but your “unfair” share, too. 


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Rebuilding Together

Learn about our Recovery Toolkit, which is designed help you attract returning travel demand.

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  • It’s not surprising that this year’s most popular reads focused heavily on helping partners respond to the pandemic 
  • It was a year that revolved around taking quick action, with many of the most read articles spotlighting product and platform updates partners could take advantage of immediately
  • Standout trends included interest in longer stays, domestic stays, and of course cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing 
  • Trends whose moment previously seemed far in the future finally came into focus, with touchless tech and sustainability making big gains in the consciousness of hoteliers and travelers