Click. Magazine’s top 10 stories of 2021

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Click. Magazine celebrates its fourth anniversary by looking back on our most popular reads of 2021, which center around moving past crises and toward recovery.

Last year, topics on COVID-19’s impact on the travel industry dominated our list of most-read articles. But in 2021, despite the pandemic’s continued influence, it was stories about rebuilding, strengthening relationships, and innovation that drew the most readers. Here’s a selection of the stories that captured your attention as you dealt with another year full of challenges, as well as wins.

1. Helping the great European vacation make a comeback

As travel restrictions around Europe began to lift, we helped stimulate additional demand in the region and incentivized travelers to book vacations by offering a 10% travel credit – fully funded by Discover how Welcome Back, EU—a regional nod to our Welcome Back America and Welcome Back UK campaigns—was a stepping stone toward a strong summer season for our European partners.

2. We celebrated 25 years of partnership turned 25 this year, and we marked this milestone by honoring you, our partners, and recognizing your contributions to our success with a trip down memory lane. Trace our journey together, from the moment we went online in 1996 to the day we celebrated our one-millionth Traveller Review Award winner.

3. Protecting your business against new cybercrime tactics

COVID-19 created the perfect storm for cybercriminals to take advantage of a disrupted tech sphere as more businesses shifted their operations online. Cybercrime tactics improved, but our cybersecurity experts shared how to stay safe against online threats and protect you and your guests from data breaches.

4. Shining the spotlight on sustainability

Sustainability remains a hot topic for the industry, and the pandemic only fueled the desire for sustainable travel. We surveyed travelers around the world to find out what earth-conscious efforts they considered crucial while on vacation, and unveiled how 53% of globetrotters expect sustainable travel to be the future norm.

5. The needs and wants of tomorrow’s travelers revealed

We looked at how 24,000 travelers across 31 countries and territories would approach travel in 2022. We delved into every detail of their experience, from who they’d like to travel with to the type of trips they now desire, unearthing insights to help you keep your finger on the pulse of future travelers.

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6. The rainbow suitcase that redefined inclusive travel

One of our more emotionally memorable moments in 2021 was launching the Travel Proud badge. Made to look like a suitcase with the rainbow flag that represents the LGBTQ+ community, it’s rapidly becoming a symbol of inclusive hospitality and safe travel on our platform. This year we continued helping more properties earn the Travel Proud badge in our journey to change what hospitality means for both LGBTQ+ travelers and partners.

7. Making it easier to show your property is pet friendly

2021 was another fantastic year for pets to enjoy extra pampering from their housebound humans. For those who did manage to travel, the idea of leaving their four-footed pandemic buddy behind wasn't ideal. In fact, the pet-friendly filter became the third most-used filter this year, right behind swimming pools and parking. We found ways to make your property stand out to guests looking to travel with their pets.

8. Leveraging deals as a pricing strategy

We know travelers are attracted to properties that offer deals. Our research shows that 55% of global travelers are more likely to search for promotions when planning their next trip. Hielke van Trommel, Director of Product Marketing, told you more about the types of deals we offer and how you can use them to enhance your pricing strategy.

9. What long-stay bookers want

With longer stays on the rise, we surveyed 2,735 bookers who stayed between seven nights and six months to identify their behaviors, perceptions, and needs. We shed light on the demands of long-stay bookers and other findings to ensure your property is equipped to receive this new wave of travelers.

10. Travel heats up again this summer

During the summer of '21 in the Northern Hemisphere, we noticed an uptick in travel demand. Coastal vacations and city getaways were back on the map wherever it was safe to travel again. To help you maximize your property’s success, Ripsy Bandourian, Vice President of Global Accommodations at, took us through what we uncovered in our summer travel trends research.

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  • This year's most-read articles covered topics on recovery, rebuilding, and enhancing the travel industry
  • We continued cracking down on our cybersecurity efforts by educating and informing, as cybercriminals attempted to raise the bar during the pandemic
  • We saw many businesses try—and succeed—to regain control by diversifying their operations, focusing on sustainability, and welcoming new types of guests – including pets
  • We shared travel forecasts in our Travel Predictions 2022 report to help you anticipate how, why, and where guests may choose to travel