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How to boost your vacation rental bookings this peak season with our 2024 traveler predictions

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The first quarter of the year has flown by, which means planning for peak season is in full swing. Now’s the perfect time to prepare so you can maximize your property’s booking potential – all with some help from our 2024 traveler predictions.

Your busiest time of the year is full of opportunity and anticipation, but the route to success isn’t always clear. Knowing what actions to take—and when—is where we come in. Late last year, we surveyed more than 27,000 travelers across 33 countries and territories and shared our 2024 traveler predictions. From this, we curated the key insights relevant to vacation rental owners and paired them with some of our valuable platform features. Why? To give you the best chance of drawing in as many peak season bookings as possible.

Entice the “Surrender Seekers” by going with the flow 

2024 is all about embracing the unexpected. More than half of travelers (52%) are eager to book surprise trips, craving the thrill of venturing into the unknown and championing spontaneity. With over half preferring flexible plans and a third open to traveling with strangers, the trend is clear – it's time to let go and go with the flow. 

Why not tap into this by giving your more spontaneous guests flexible booking options, with the choice of free cancellation? Adding some fun or eye-catching amenities, like a hammock, an outdoor film projector, or free bike rentals, can also help draw in bookings to your vacation rental. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a bit different to give your headcount a boost. 

Tempt the “Culinary Excavators” with a gastro stay 

This year, food lovers have their sights set on discovering culinary gems. With 81% more intrigued by the roots of a destination’s cuisine, guests want traditional flavors and local foods. Offering personal recommendations to promote local, “less ordinary” culinary encounters could be a great way to align yourselves with this new guest mindset. List nearby restaurants and eateries, or recommend cooking classes or food tours to attract guests.

There are some easy wins when it comes to creating a dining area that appeals to your guests, too. Consider table set-up, depending on whether it’s a family, couple, friends, or a solo traveler, and appropriate group utensils and furnishings. With visitors often working while they travel, think about how your guests might switch between office desk and eating mode. Lighting and decorations are equally important in creating an atmosphere that inspires and delights the senses.

Update your property page with some inspiring photos of guests enjoying a meal at your vacation rental to get them excited about staying. Focusing on the culinary elements could translate into bookings.

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Show the “Mindful Aesthetes” your credentials 

Mindful travel is redefining luxury, with 53% craving accommodations with wow-factor sustainability innovations. Experiences that give back to the environment and itineraries that offer exclusive access to preserved destinations now feature on their wish lists. Travelers are looking for accommodations that prove they’re making conscious and responsible conservation choices.  

Three in five (60%) want to see sustainability in action, so even small gestures can make a big difference in showing guests you care about the planet. Talking about the measures you’ve taken to be more sustainable could sway potential bookers to choose your vacation rental. Advertise your ethos, if you have one, and spell out how you reduce your impact on the environment – from composting, reusing and recycling, energy-efficient practices, water conservation, or anything else that’s relevant. If you’re new to, it’s a great way to pique interest.

Give the “A La Carte Affluencers” luxury for less 

Savvy travelers of 2024 are looking to seize “à la carte” luxury on a budget, combining stealth wealth with cost-saving hacks. Opting for luxe-for-less vacations (43%) is also an on-trend strategy. Take a look at how setting up promotions with special rates during peak season can increase both last-minute and advance bookings for your vacation rental. 

To save money, parents (47%) are planning off-peak travels for budget-friendly family adventures. To give you a competitive edge and pull in more bookings during peak season, think about offering attractive child rates and creating family-friendly rooms. Being clear about your pricing and offering packages that might appeal to this audience shows your commitment, potentially increasing bookings by up to 15%.

We're dedicated to helping you maximize your 2024 bookings and craft extraordinary traveler vacations during peak season. Aligning your vacation rental offerings with what today’s guests want (based on our research-backed travel predictions) is a great way to create unforgettable stays.


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Driving peak season bookings

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  • With 52% of travelers looking to book surprise trips, take advantage of the impulsive traveler mindset of 2024 and offer flexible booking options.
  • 81% of travelers want to try indigenous cuisines in 2024 – tap into the food lovers’ trend by recommending local dishes and creating inviting, warm dining spaces in your property.
  • Conscious and responsible travel is on the rise, with 60% looking for sustainability in action, so use this chance to show off your efforts to be more sustainable.
  • Help the 43% of travelers seeking luxury on a budget through promotions, and increase family bookings through attractive child rates and family-friendly room options during peak season.